The Story of Chuhou Joutai’s Development

So yeah, this is a remake of a blog post I made way back in March 2019, nine full months before I parted ways from the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis. Here are some questions that you might have about the game, and I am eager to answer them in this post. What did ChuhouContinue reading “The Story of Chuhou Joutai’s Development”

Monthly Updates: January 2020

Hi, this is the Prophet Driller from Drillimation Systems. We would like to congratulate everyone for an excellent 2019 and decade! Welcome to 2020. You might notice things are different for this year. So, let me go over the things that will be happening this year. Drillimation Systems no longer runs the Dream Logos andContinue reading “Monthly Updates: January 2020”

Queen Marisa: The Founding Mother of Kozan’s Monarchy

Kozan is a constitutional monarchy. Just like any other dynasty in the world, there is always a founder for their royal family. Queen Marisa is unarguably its founder and Kozan’s first ruler. So, this whole article is about her life. Humble But Troubled Beginnings Marisa began her life to a small family on July 10,Continue reading “Queen Marisa: The Founding Mother of Kozan’s Monarchy”

Who is Fred Fawkes? Is He the True Scarlet Devil!?

Good lord. I’ve already talked about his son Hearthcliffe in a previous article, but now I am covering his father, who is a mad titan of terror. Frederic Sam Fawkes is the leader of the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson, a communist militant group that has been formally designated as a foreignContinue reading “Who is Fred Fawkes? Is He the True Scarlet Devil!?”

Who is The Real, Genuine Driller?

Meet Susumu Takajima, the face of Drillimation Systems. You might be asking who The Real Driller even is. This might confuse you, as The Real Driller might be the one in real life. To sum it all, the one in real life is the Prophet Driller, while the Driller in Chuhou Joutai is the RealContinue reading “Who is The Real, Genuine Driller?”

Yumi Ochiai – Kagami Ochiai’s Younger Sister Who is Also Beautiful and Loves Beauty

If you thought Chuhou Joutai’s female protagonist Kagami Ochiai wasn’t enough, meet her younger sister Yumi. She’s only two and a half years younger than her big sister. And if you didn’t notice, yes she is a shrine maiden as well, like Kumiko Uchida, except she works at a different shrine near her school. AndContinue reading “Yumi Ochiai – Kagami Ochiai’s Younger Sister Who is Also Beautiful and Loves Beauty”

Hearthcliffe – Who is He?

Hearthcliffe, is Jack Fawkes, the schoolboy who would grow up to become the world’s most notorious terrorist for the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson, the fictional terrorist organization in Chuhou Joutai. Content Warning: While this article can be viewed by people of all ages, the topic in this article may be roughContinue reading “Hearthcliffe – Who is He?”

The Monarchy of Kozan

The setting of Chuhou Joutai is Kozan. Like the United Kingdom and Japan, it is a constitutional monarchy where the power of the king or queen is limited by the rules of a written constitution. The monarchy is the core of Kozan’s governmental structure. Unlike other monarchs in media, the one shown in Chuhou JoutaiContinue reading “The Monarchy of Kozan”

Why the Majority of Women in Kozan Have Very Long Hair

Meet Konata: the Crown Princess of Kozan. The best gothic lolita in town. Ready to kick some rear with that whip (yes, she’s a vampire hunter). In Kozan, women with very long hair has become ubiquitous. Many tourists who visit Kozan won’t realize how nearly every single woman they encounter while walking in the streets,Continue reading “Why the Majority of Women in Kozan Have Very Long Hair”

Kagami Ochiai – A Girl Who is Beautiful and She Loves Beauty

Meet the anime girl of your dreams. Rainbow-colored head who just loves fashion and one with a cute and beautiful voice. Quick facts Born: December 21, 1989, in Kozankyo, Kozan Province, Kozan (Kozanese national) Favorite color: Orange General Kagami Ochiai is the female protagonist of Chuhou Joutai, and reserved for the second player. In fact,Continue reading “Kagami Ochiai – A Girl Who is Beautiful and She Loves Beauty”