Drillimation Solar Panel Project: We’ve Got Five

The installation of the solar panels at Drillimation is well underway. Yesterday, Drillimation received five solar panels for installation, which are expected to go on this week. The cost of at least one solar panel is on average at least $16,000. The price varies depending on the type and model. The low-end panels cost atContinue reading “Drillimation Solar Panel Project: We’ve Got Five”

The Drillimation Solar Panel Project: It’s Happening

Drillimation Systems is announcing that starting next week, the solar panels at Drillimation will be installed. The panels aim to have Drillimation rely on solar energy rather than get electricity from the power grid. If in the event of a power failure like what happened last week, Drillimation will continue to run independently while theContinue reading “The Drillimation Solar Panel Project: It’s Happening”

Twitter Creators Still Complaining of Bilibili Comics Links Overrunning Their Timelines or Hashtags

As Drillimation first reported back in June, users were reportedly using the Bilibili Comics app’s share function to post links to Bilibili Comics content in unrelated hashtags picked by the app, which had an easy workaround. The Twitter timelines and custom hashtags of content creators, regardless of which industry they focus on, are being overrunContinue reading “Twitter Creators Still Complaining of Bilibili Comics Links Overrunning Their Timelines or Hashtags”

Tenrai Bakufu to be Repurposed into Touhou Tenchiki

Two days ago, Studio Emiko announced that Tenrai Bakufu will be put off in favor of a new project, Touhou Tenchiki. Due to the huge scope of Tenrai Bakufu and that the developer is inexperienced, Tenrai Bakufu was forced to be taken off-schedule. This was due to the implementation of a gacha character obtaining mechanicContinue reading “Tenrai Bakufu to be Repurposed into Touhou Tenchiki”

Drillimation Touhou RPG’s Development is Going Well

Last month, shortly after Chuhou Joutai 3: Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess wrapped up development and entered the post-production phase, Drillimation began work on a new project. The release of Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess will mark the end of an era. After four years of working on the Chuhou Joutai trilogy and the TouhouContinue reading “Drillimation Touhou RPG’s Development is Going Well”

Literary Classics in Kozan: The Last Sixty Days

Every country around the world has their fair share of literary classics that are studied by people from all over the world. Kozan has them too. Asides from a few folk tales and myths that are told among generations of Kozan’s youth, there is one 20th-century novel that has caught the eyes of most highContinue reading “Literary Classics in Kozan: The Last Sixty Days”

Kozanese Myth – Gestation by Sleep

I never had the opportunity to tell you this myth from Kozan, about a pregnant woman whose child only develops while they are asleep. This tale was first told to Western Kozanese children before it spread to the rest of the Kozanese continent and the rest of the world. The myth begins with a newlywedContinue reading “Kozanese Myth – Gestation by Sleep”

Milestones of the Tough Guy Alert! PC-98 Remix on YouTube

This PC-98 remix of Tough Guy Alert! from Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is the most-viewed video on Drillimation’s YouTube channel. Uploaded on January 22, 2022, it became the most-viewed video on the channel within a couple months. You might remember the May 24, 2022 press release when this happened (read it here). BelowContinue reading “Milestones of the Tough Guy Alert! PC-98 Remix on YouTube”

How Illegal Gun Owners in Japan are Bypassing the Requirements to Obtain One

The recent assassination of former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe last week sent shockwaves throughout the world. Based on evidence police saw, it appeared to be the suspected gunman used a homemade rifle to gun down the former prime minister. It should be noted it is much, much harder, and in fact, extremely difficult toContinue reading “How Illegal Gun Owners in Japan are Bypassing the Requirements to Obtain One”