Monthly Updates: December 2020

Hi, this is Driller from Drillimation Systems. Greetings players. To all of our players of Chuhou Joutai, Christmas is approaching. Over the past several months, we witnessed one of the most terrible incidents of the 21st century. Before the coronavirus pandemic set afoot, I will say almost one year ago we had a revolutionary transformation […]

How the Digits Typeface Came to Be in Chuhou Joutai

If you’ve ever played Chuhou Joutai, you might recognize this font from either the menus, promotional posters, or even during gameplay. The actual name of this font is known as Digits. And believe me, if you try searching “digits typeface” anywhere on Google, you will not likely find it (with the possible exception of this […]

The Proclamation of the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan

The Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan was founded on January 2, 1702 at midnight at the Kozankyo Imperial Palace in Kozankyo, which Queen Marisa set the capital of her new kingdom. With the formation of the monarchy, it was declared as the government of the new nation, which Marisa also proclaimed during her founding speech. […]

Drillimation Systems is now on Patreon!

Greetings players. Drillimation Systems is stepping into a new era. If you’re looking at the title, we have some big changes. Business Model Change The biggest news, as the name implies, is we are moving to a subscription-based business model and changing the way we output content. This means we are now on Patreon and […]

Drillimation Systems to Work from Home Until January

What a year it has been. With multiple vaccine candidates that have over 90% accuracy, Drillimation Systems has persevered through the 2020 pandemic. Drillimation rejected fear during this moment of uncertainty. The trust we gained from our clients and players has been invaluable in our quest to remain a hospitable game development studio despite being […]

System Bug Report: Images on Website Reportedly Displayed HTML Code Instead of Images

Hi, this is Driller from Drillimation Systems. There were reports of a bug in the WordPress block system where HTML code in the Gallery block was displayed instead of actual images. Drillimation Systems notified WordPress about the issue and they are currently in the process of crushing the bug. We have no date on when […]

How the Plot of Chuhou Joutai was set in Motion

It’s been almost six months since Chuhou Joutai released on Steam. Although you may think the plot of Chuhou Joutai was caused by Hearthcliffe’s murdering of Hikari Uchida, it was actually another incident that contributed to the events of the game. It was the fault of American SPASDOT Crimsonite Fuyumi Tanimura, a convicted murderer of […]

Drillimation Liking Activity on Instagram Delayed Indefinitely Until Further Notice

As the recent posts tab on Instagram has not yet returned even after an election winner was declared, Drillimation will suspend their liking activity on Instagram indefinitely until further notice. We know that liking posts is the most common way to get noticed, but in this situation we cannot do this as of now. Instagram […]

Tatsuro Hozoshima – Ruffian of the Bayfront

What do you get when you have a shirtless guy enjoying water sports? The answer is Tatsuro Hozoshima. But the answer is, why does he joke about being with SPASDOT? So he can challenge those to danmaku duels. But the truth is, he’s picking fights with random civilians so that he can increase his rank. […]

Drillimation to Delay Resuming of Instagram Liking Activity to November 5

Greetings. Following a tense election, Drillimation will delay the resuming of their Instagram liking activity by one more day before the Recent tab that Drillimation enters for their liking activity comes back. This comes after election results being delayed as ballot counting continues across the United States as of this writing. As always, Drillimation will […]