Monthly Updates: January 2020

Hi, this is the Prophet Driller from Drillimation Systems.

We would like to congratulate everyone for an excellent 2019 and decade! Welcome to 2020. You might notice things are different for this year. So, let me go over the things that will be happening this year.

Drillimation Systems no longer runs the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis

As a result of Ootwar now in charge of running the site, I had to resign and cease my activities on the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis. I am making this decision based on Drillimation’s new ventures. Events went a different way. The policy of dismembering the former CEO based on advertising practices prevailed, which I can’t agree. I am convinced that following a rise in followers on my Twitter account, I can use this as an incentive for putting Drillimation to new heights.

Yet, I continue to do anything in everything in my new powers. Addressing them for the last time is the capacity of the CEO of the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis. I consider it my evaluation ever since I began in 2015. Fate had it when I found my actions in a position outside the lines of Wikia’s Terms of Service and things were not going well on both sites. I did plenty of everything on the Dream Fiction Wiki, and I intended the site to be a place for free speech and a place for those banned from other fanon wikis.

The reasoning could already be seen when I reached the limit of Drillimation’s possibilities on the site. All attempts for partial reform suffered defeat, one after another. I was losing perspective. I knew I could not go on to run the site like that. Ootwar had to change everything radically. This is why I did not take advantage of running a wiki under communist ownership of its hosting provider, only to rule like a dictator for several years. I realized that resurgent sockpuppeteers were really difficult, especially with the case of Chebbycraft34 which started in January 2019.

My work of historic significance has been accomplished. My former site has been successful garnering nearly 20k pages. A breakthrough has been achieved to make changes to the administration team. The movement to a new chapter for the site has started. Officially removing our ads had been legalized and this was all done in the sake of all users. At that difficult time, this was all done for social protection. Everyone on the site now lives in a new world, the Drillimation rule has stopped. My founding of the Dream Fiction Wiki opened myself up to the world and gained real freedom.

The July coup brought myself to my ultimate limit. The most damaging part of it was the breakup of Drillimation from it. As of today, I am worried by our users’ loss of the Chuhou Joutai duo on the Dream Logos Wiki. This may be very hard for them. I would like to express my gratitude to all users who supported the policy of renovating the Dream Logos Wiki from Kaylor Blakley’s rule last year. I am leaving my post with apprehension, but also with hope, faith in you, and your wisdom and force of spirit.

I wish to thank all with all my heart who stood together with me for all those years I have been around for. Some mistakes that I made over those years surely could’ve been avoided, and many things could have been done better but I am convinced that sooner or later my efforts will bear fruit, my legacy will live in a museum someday.

In a nutshell, Drillimation no longer runs the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis, and all Monthly Updates will be posted here instead.

Some important dates to keep track of

  • January 10, 2020: Chuhou Joutai Beta released on
  • January 31, 2020: Special Gaiden game released on
  • May 22, 2020: Chuhou Joutai released on Steam

What about an odyssey?

Every year, I want to try and go on at least one vacation to tour locations across the US or somewhere outside the US. Like last year’s odyssey, this year will probably be another international one. I’m planning on visiting Europe for this odyssey, where last year I visited Eastern Asia. Below are the previous odysseys I went on:

  • 2017: Touring of Maritime Canada
  • 2018: My university’s CREATE program
  • 2019: Touring of Japan and Indonesia
  • Planned for 2020: Touring of Europe
This is what I passed by on my way from Kyoto to Osaka. I’m aiming for you, Nintendo.

Are you doing something big this year?

Why yes. Starting in May before Chuhou Joutai officially releases on Steam, I am building a PC of my own, similar to what my brother did. It’s going to have a white chassis, because I want it to be unique from my brother’s. I want it to be like PCs built in the 1990s, primarily because of its nostalgic feel. But I do know what to put inside this hybrid gaming/work PC. It will have a 1TB SSD drive, similar to my last desktop machine. I will install both Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux on it. How much will it cost? It’s probably going to run me $1,000, so I want to try and stay below that.

What about 2019 in review?

At the start of each month, I produce a new monthly update card. I can explain each one for 2019 in a nutshell:

  • January: Driller and Kagami dressed in hakama over kimono. Generally, people celebrate new year’s day in kimono, but women commonly dress up in hakama for these events, despite them being worn at graduation ceremonies.
  • February: Kagami dressed in a hanfu with a qipao over it. This was to celebrate the Year of the Pig on the Chinese zodiac. Driller retained his Japanese clothes from the previous monthly update card, and this was the first one made in Photoshop, as I got a Creative Cloud subscription to conquer the mighty task of finishing Chuhou Joutai.
  • March: The duo dressed as the emperor and empress of Japan to celebrate Hinamatsuri, or Girls’ Day.
  • April: The duo dressed in their school uniforms to welcome the new academic year in Japan. Not to mention, never had we seen an opening like this in the entire film industry, as Avengers: Endgame managed to pull in $1 billion in worldwide gross in only three days, before ultimately becoming the highest-grossing film of all time, essentially making it the first film not directed by James Cameron to do this. That’s the exact same amount of time Grand Theft Auto V took to hit $1 billion.
  • May: Kagami dressed as a May Queen to celebrate May Day. Also, Driller kept his Japanese clothes as May 1 also marked the beginning of the Reiwa era of Japan as Emperor Naruhito ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne. This is also the last Monthly Update card to use Minecraft as its background.
  • June: Driller and Kagami creating a level using Super Mario Bros.-styled graphics. This was to prepare for the release of Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch. Also, I took a different approach on this card, as it showed the eight characters of The Unforgettable. This is the first time I used Illustrator to draw the duo.
  • July: Driller and Kagami dressed for a summer festival with the background being Niagara Falls. Should be noted that Niagara Falls, New York was also the birthplace of the Prophet Driller.
  • August: Driller wearing a turban and Kagami wearing a hijab over their regular clothes in Jakarta, Indonesia. This was to help spread the word of my odyssey to Japan and Indonesia that month. Definitely spent more time in Indonesia than Japan.
  • September: Driller and Kagami dressed in their school uniforms again for them returning to school. The background was somewhere in Japan.
  • October: Driller dressed as Sans from Undertale and Kagami dressed as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. This was a request from Ootwar. Also the background is a road covered in autumn leaves.
  • November: The duo in their winter clothes standing in the middle of the road in Westminister, London with their starter Pokémon of Scorbunny and Sobble. This was to prepare for the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield that month.
  • December: The duo dressed in royal attire standing in the middle of an icy Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with my entire team from Pokémon Sword and Shield, the Pokémon from left to right are: Toxitricity, Gourgeist, Cinderace, Pikachu, Corviknight, and Drednaw.

We hope you have an excellent 2020.

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