Who is Fred Fawkes? Is He the True Scarlet Devil!?

Truly, this is Fawkes.

Good lord. I’ve already talked about his son Hearthcliffe in a previous article, but now I am covering his father, who is a mad titan of terror. Frederic Sam Fawkes is the leader of the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson, a communist militant group that has been formally designated as a foreign terrorist organization by many members of the United Nations, the European Union, and many other countries.

Fawkes is feared by many, as he wants to take over Kozan by causing a socialist revolution to overthrow the monarchy. He is considered by the United States to be Specially Designated Global Terrorist. He established SPASDOT in 1976 and again in 1997, and was shogun for both incarnations.

Early life

Fawkes began his life on June 28, 1958 in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, the easternmost province of Canada. His mother was Kozanese, while his father was Canadian. His mother was an active participant in the Shintoist community outside Japan and Kozan. During a trip to Kozan, Fawkes picked up a copy of The Grimoire of Flandre, and that was where he eventually developed his foreign influence.

At the age of 15 in 1972, he moved to Kozan and resided in Kozankyo. That’s when his road to Shinto extremism began. During his time in Kozan, he eventually met his future wife, Hanayo Katsuragi, during his time in school. They only met occasionally, as Fawkes was enrolled at an all-male high school, while Katsuragi was in an all-female high school.

Creation of SPASDOT’s first incarnation

During the time, Fawkes and Katsuragi met a Soviet soldier from the Red Army. Learning the Soviet Union was going to invade Kozan, Fawkes and Katsuragi eagerly joined him in the plot before it was executed in 1975. After the success of the Soviet invasion, Fawkes set up the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson and officially proclaimed it shogunate the following year. SPASDOT’s goal was simple: overthrow the monarchy and replace it with a government following socialist ideologies.

The goal wouldn’t be easy before it was foiled. The reason Fawkes was cruel was because he was the mastermind behind several deadly terrorist attacks, claiming the lives of so many. Their attacks were to practice before the 1982 revolution, where Fawkes commanded a Soviet spy to murder the royal family. They succeeded, but Prince Soujirou fought back and both the Soviet Union and King Soujirou were both fighting for the throne.

King Soujirou won the revolution, despite losing his wife in the battle, he continued to rule Kozan without a consort. This caused Fawkes to have great rage over the loss. His rage got even worse when Hanayo Katsuragi was arrested for the war crimes she committed. Fawkes ordered that Katsuragi “produce” an heir to SPASDOT. Katsuragi was impregnated before her arrest and led to the child gestating during the time she was in prison. With the help of Fawkes, she escaped before she was due to give birth and later died after giving birth to Hearthcliffe.

Creation of SPASDOT’s second incarnation

Because of the death of Katsuragi, SPASDOT had to be dissolved. In 1997, Fawkes announced he was resurrecting the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson to accommodate his son, and proclaimed it shogunate later that year. The improvement of security made it harder for him to perpetrate an assassination of Kozan’s sovereign. Fawkes named Hearthcliffe his commander-in-chief.

Meanwhile, Fawkes decided to make this new incarnation of SPASDOT be an extension of the now-defunct terrorist organization Gyönyörű Földünk (read on Dream Fiction Wiki). Following Foldunk’s dissolution in 2002, several of its militants joined SPASDOT to help in the Western Kozan Offensive. The three attacks led to the Kozanese Civil War breaking out, which is what’s happening in Chuhou Joutai right now.

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