You can now get Chuhou Joutai on Steam Directly from our website!

Great news to players who don’t have Chuhou Joutai yet. You can now get the game on Steam directly from our website. So, if you haven’t entered Driller or Kagami’s world, you can now get it here right now. We will then send you a Steam key to unlock it on Steam. All purchases are […]

Interview with a Chuhou Joutai player about our gaming experiences

The following below is an interview with a fellow player of Chuhou Joutai and our gaming experiences. Interviewee: Which questions should we start off with? Driller: What was the first video game you ever played? Interviewee: That’s a tough one because it goes way back when I was probably five or six. It may have […]

Breaking News: Two Employees at Drillimation Systems Test Positive for COVID-19

Yesterday, Drillimation Systems has reported two cases of COVID-19 involving campus exposure at Mercyhurst University. One of the affected individuals is a student, while the other is a university employee. Both cases are separate and isolated, but there is no indication that they are related. They have been put in isolation off campus as a […]

VidSpace – The Precursor to YouTube in the Land of Illusions

There is a video sharing site you may have heard of while playing Chuhou Joutai called VidSpace. This is basically the precursor to YouTube in the modern days. Some characters in the game, such as Kagami Ochiai, use it. Susumu Takajima previously used it, before he got busted by police for supporting SPASDOT, before he […]

A Commuter’s Options at Drillimation Systems during the Pandemic

Drillimation’s employees come from a wide variety of states and countries. Employees would commute if they live nearby the Hurst. This was before the age of COVID-19 where things changed for commuters. While commuters do not get to be in the dorms or residence hall, there are still places to sit on campus. Before the […]

How to Automatically Post WordPress Blog Posts to Discord

Greetings Discord users. Just like my Twitter and Instagram feeds, I automatically post my Tweets and Posts to my Discord server to keep the other users updated to what I am up to. I’ve always wanted to post WordPress blog posts to my server, and since I couldn’t find any other tutorials on automatically posting […]

How Drillimation is Controlling the Spread of COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our employees are practicing social distancing measures to control the spread of the virus. Employees have been split into two groups labeled A and B; one group goes to work while the other works at home instead and even communicates to us via Zoom, which gained massive popularity earlier this […]