Hearthcliffe – Who is He?

Hearthcliffe, is Jack Fawkes, the schoolboy who would grow up to become the world’s most notorious terrorist for the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson, the fictional terrorist organization in Chuhou Joutai.

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The start of Hearthcliffe’s usual rants. His knife is the first hint.

With his angry rants and red hoodie, Jack Fawkes became a global symbol of the barbaric brutalities he committed on behalf of SPASDOT. In March 2000, at the age of eleven, for all the horrified citizens of the country of Kozan and the entire globe to see, he went on to brutally murder several hostages held by SPASDOT, including Japanese preacher Hikari Uchida (shown below). The decision to murder Uchida was said due to SPASDOT criticizing Japan for their intervention against the group; in the video, for which he was shown masked, went on to slash Uchida to death. The National Diet of Japan confirmed the video, which included graphic footage of Uchida’s corpse, was genuine.

Hikari Uchida. Hearthcliffe’s most important victim.

It should be noted that SPASDOT has often exploited children in their propaganda videos. Even worse, they’ve also filmed them pulling off executions like what Hearthcliffe did to Uchida above. Crown Princess Konata explains that defeating Hearthcliffe can help make Kozan a better place.

Yeah, these are Hearthcliffe’s parents, and they were largely associated with the Soviets during their heyday.

Hearthcliffe was born in Kozankyo on May 25, 1988 to Frederic S. Fawkes, the leader of SPASDOT, and army colonel Hanayo Katsuragi, his mother, who died shortly after childbirth. He attended school in Kozankyo, where he became radicalized. He began his training with SPASDOT at the age of seven. Critics of the US government have said they have done little to counter SPASDOT in Kozan.

Those who know him say it’s hard to reconcile the once-unassuming schoolboy he once was to a notorious killer he went on to become. He was radicalized because he was so unremarkable in school. Misbehaviors at school largely made him vulnerable to extremist recruiters like his father.

Here he is being broadcasted into the spotlight

When the news of his identity broke out, the world’s media largely descended on the locations that Hearthcliffe liked to visit in Kozankyo. He mostly resided in a middle-class neighborhood located near Ahoge Peninsula west of Downtown Kozankyo. One childhood friend of Hearthcliffe told The Daily Bunbunmaru that the neighborhood they both lived in was known for its Yakuza activity. Many of the people in that neighborhood were children of immigrants from other countries.

By the time he began his tenure with SPASDOT and began his career as executioner in 2000, his journey to radicalization came to an end. The schoolboy who always kept a low profile became a front man for SPASDOT, symbolizing the brutality and barbarity of the Scarlet Devil. So, if you want to go up and defeat Hearthcliffe, now’s your chance to try Chuhou Joutai on itch.io today.

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