Public Holidays in Kozan

The different holidays in Kozan are mainly part of cultural, patriotic, and religious observations that Kozan legislates at federal levels. Many employers and school systems provide days off for major holidays or in some cases an entire week. National holidays Date English name Japanese name Remarks January 1 New Year’s Day お正月(Oshōgatsu) Celebrates the firstContinue reading “Public Holidays in Kozan”

Official Bilingualism in Kozan

The official languages in Kozan are English and Japanese. Both of them can be freely used as both languages have equal rights between them. This also includes the parliament and monarchy. The linguistic rights of minorities in the other language are also protected, as they need to ensure a level of government services in bothContinue reading “Official Bilingualism in Kozan”

Queen Marisa: The Founding Mother of Kozan’s Monarchy

Kozan is a constitutional monarchy. Just like any other dynasty in the world, there is always a founder for their royal family. Queen Marisa is unarguably its founder and Kozan’s first ruler. So, this whole article is about her life. Humble But Troubled Beginnings Marisa began her life to a small family on July 10,Continue reading “Queen Marisa: The Founding Mother of Kozan’s Monarchy”