Want us to create something for you? We can help!

Whether you’re a director looking for an aspiring artist to draw, musician to compose, or even a comedian to write a story, we can contribute for you or your company. Contact Drillimation at when you’re ready.

Art Commissions

We offer two types of art: Chuhou Joutai style or realistic (examples below):

Some of our detailed options include:

  • Chuhou Joutai: $10 per character
  • Realistic: $15 per character

Services include:

  • Mascot character for your social media platform or website
  • Sprites for your game and such

We provide the images in .svg, .png, and .ai format.

Music Commissions

FM Synthesis
MOD Tracker

Our detailed options include:

  • Chiptune: $3 for every 30 seconds
  • FM Synthesis: $5 for every 30 seconds
  • MOD Tracker: $7 for every 30 seconds

Services include:

  • Background music for your game or film
  • Music for promotional materials

Interested in using our music for your video? Read our Game Content and Brand Usage Rules for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept only credit card for payment through Stripe.

Why do I have to fill out the paperwork?
There are times where we do have to admit taxes, and this is mandatory in the United States. You will find that most other self-employed freelance artists, writers, and composers have those same conditions as well. This depends on where they are based.

What exactly do you need when making a request?
When making a commission, we need reference material. Physical descriptions of what you want us to draw if you don’t have any art for them is good enough. Artistic freedom is a core value in Drillimation’s works. A recommended description is “character doing X.” Don’t be specific, and we don’t mean to discourage you. We want a better outcome for you. Here are examples on how you should describe what you want us to draw:

  • Correct: Please make a drawing of (your character), but something better. I’m opting for the realistic style.
  • Incorrect: The drawing is in the frog perspective of (your character). Here are (large number) reference photos of what I want it to be.

What do you not draw?
If your intended work is intended for all ages, it will likely go through. However, we will not draw any of the following:

  • Any NSFW materials, including:
    • Sexually suggestive or nude characters
    • Any overly violent and/or graphic material
    • Any profane material
  • Works intended to be offensive, discriminatory, or anything objectionable to local laws
  • Any existing characters that we don’t do fanart for. Some exceptions exist, though.

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