Discussion Board Rules

The Steam and itch.io pages for all of Drillimation’s products have discussion boards for players to talk about the game and to give advice. First time users should introduce themselves to the other players and to ask questions about the game as well. These below rules are to be followed by all means. We may remove and/or lock threads that are either off topic or not in line with these rules.

The Basics

  • Do not bully, harass, or abuse other players. Also, do not engage in any violent, aggressive, or other predatory behavior.
  • Do not steal or scam passwords from other players. Scamming is a violation of Steam’s and itch.io’s Terms of Services.
  • Never, by any means, attempt to sell or trade your Steam or itch.io account to seek copies of a game.
  • Never discuss any scripts or third-party software to as a way to cheat in any of our games. This is a violation of our End User License Agreement and will immediately be removed upon sight. This will also result in your warranty being void.
  • Treat other players as you would in real life. Remember that any crime you commit on the internet is as serious in real life.
  • Making threads that purposefully rage or shame about staff members is also not allowed.

Review Rules

  • Be honest when reviewing one of our games. You will want other players to trust what you say about a game.
  • Remember to include both pros and cons. This leads to more credible and constructive feedback for other players. This information also helps us update the game to improve player experience.
  • Do not comment about a staff member’s appearance, dress, age, gender, or race/ethnicity.
  • We want you to share your experience with the game. If you don’t agree with another player’s experience, we encourage you to share your own.
  • We understand that not all of our products match every individual player’s interests. Tell us how the game wasn’t the best for you in a way that helps others make their own decisions.
  • Reviews that consist of rage cannot reflect well on us and we can remove reviews that are not in line with these rules. Take a minute to make sure your review will genuinely help other players understand your experience.
  • We may only allow one review per player. Spamming or astroturfing accounts will lead to you getting temporarily banned from participating in discussions.
  • When reading other players’ reviews, we encourage you weigh their reviews as well. Online reviews are one of the many resources used when making a decision for what players want to play.

Reviews that contain the following will be removed:

  • Any use of profanity, name-calling, or any racial, ethnic, religious, or other hateful slurs
  • Identifiable information about a staff member’s family, personal/sex life, including any innuendo
  • Claims a staff member shows bias against other players or a specific group of players
  • Claims about a staff member’s employment status, including any previous employment
  • Claims the staff member engages in or has engaged in illegal activities (including copyright infringement, all derivative works produced by Drillimation are licensed under Fair Use)
  • Direct references to comments that have been previously removed by our moderators/lawyers
  • Accusations that a staff member is astroturfing themselves or colleagues

Please note: These rules apply only to Steam and itch.io. These do not apply to YouTube because first of all we cannot use the DMCA to silence those reviews.

Some Legal Stuff

Even though Drillimation produces derivative works that fall under the doctrines of Fair Use, we occasionally receive DMCA notices that include threats to sue Drillimation Systems. To date since its founding in 2014, Drillimation has had to comply with very few legal requests and no one has followed through a lawsuit against us.

All reviews are legally protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and under applicable Fair Use rules. Anyone wishing to sue Drillimation Systems must still face any penalties imposed by the court, including any financial sanctions and/or reimbursement of attorney fees for having to defend ourselves against a suit that ignores our other legal protections.

This section is provided for informational purposes only and we are not your attorneys. If you need any legal advice, we recommend you seek your own legal counsel. If you feel we need to change any of the above rules, please fire an email to drillimationentertainment@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do these rules exist?
Our Discussion Boards are places where players come to relax, hang out, and make new friends in a safe, non-threatening environment. Our above rules help maintain this environment.

What should I do if I see someone break these rules?
If you find a thread is highly offensive, for example if it’s very profane or is hateful, please use the that site’s dedicated report function.

What happens if I violate these rules?
If you break these rules, you will be alerted, and your thread may either be locked or removed, or in severe cases banned from the forums.

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