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How 165 Years of Divided Rule on the Gensokyo Continent Shaped Kozan

If you step into Gensokyo (the one featured in the Drillimation Danmaku Universe to be exact) from the western tip of the continent, you may think you’re in Japan, but in reality, you’ll feel like you’re in North America. At the turn of the 18th century, two new countries on the continent emerged: democratic Eastern…

Kozan’s Non-Reigning Dynasties

The Federal Kingdom of Kozan is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the Kirisame Dynasty. But did you know there are a number of non-reigning dynasties residing in Kozan? The Kirisame Dynasty recognizes a number of formal royal families that once reigned over their own piece of land on the Gensokyo continent. They’re allowed to remain…

Touhou Kourinden is 75% Complete

Yesterday, Drillimation Systems hit the 75% mark for Touhou Kourinden ~ Mythos of Phantasmagoria, meaning the game is three-fourths of the way done. On top of that, the fifth act is nearing its midway point. The second mission of act 5 was shorter than the first one. We are speculating the third and fourth missions…

Touhou Kourinden Now 70% Complete

The development of Touhou Kourinden’s fifth act is underway. The first of the five missions for that act are done. The first missions of acts can sometimes be a desk banger with a lot of things that have to be composed, drawn, or programmed. The assets that must be prepared vary based on the situation.…

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