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Interview with a Chuhou Joutai player about his experience

The following below is an interview with a fellow player of Chuhou Joutai and our gaming experiences. Warning: This interview contains spoilers to the game. If you have not played the game yet or haven’t beaten Arcade Mode at least once, we do not recommend you read this until you’ve done so. Otherwise, continue at […]

Japan vs. America: Preferred Shooter Game Subgenre?

Shooter games have been a niche genre in both Japan and the United States. With the case of Japan, they developed interest in it thanks to the popularity of Space Invaders. While America had the same thing as Japan, it’s because of the Second Amendment and the ability to shoot in a virtual world without […]

Breaking News: Three More Employees at Drillimation Systems Test Positive for COVID-19

As Drillimation Systems was dealing with the two patients diagnosed with COVID-19 over the past two weeks, Drillimation has now confirmed that three more employees, all of whom are students, have tested positive for COVID-19. The previously two employees have since recovered, and no deaths have been reported as of this writing. Drillimation remains diligent […]

Survey on Preferred Game Genre

A couple weeks ago, the gamer population worldwide smashed a whopping 3 billion players. That’s more than a quarter of the world’s population, and to be exact, three eighths. And half of that number lives in the Asia Pacific region, thanks to the population of both China and India having more than 1 billion people […]

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