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What Makes a Person in Kozan a Youkai-born?

The youkai people are one of the two dominant ethnic groups in Kozan, besides the humanoids. Youkai-borns make up for one-third of Kozan’s population. To get an understanding on what makes a person a youkai-born, we need to talk about genetics. Youkai-borns, by definition, are humanoids who are of spiritual descent. Although the origin ofContinue reading “What Makes a Person in Kozan a Youkai-born?”

PC-98 Touhou-style Originals to Return on January 15

For more than two weeks, you may have not seen another PC-98 Touhou-style original or remix. That’s because we focused our efforts to compose two FamiTracker originals for Touhou Tenkijou. The next PC-98 Touhou-style original is coming on January 15, 2022. This new song was not composed for Touhou Tenkijou. It was done as partContinue reading “PC-98 Touhou-style Originals to Return on January 15”

The Fate of Touhou Tenkijou after Akira Akagi’s Banning on Discord

In the last post, the Prophet Driller discussed about Akira Akagi’s banning on the Drillimation Discord Server due to being underage. The fate of Touhou Tenkijou is currently unknown at the moment, and it is unclear if development will continue like normal or will halt until her quinceanera. Vietnam, where Akira Akagi is based, hasContinue reading “The Fate of Touhou Tenkijou after Akira Akagi’s Banning on Discord”

Sad Start to the New Year for the Touhou Tenkijou Developer

2022 has barely rolled in and we are experiencing disruptions for the development of Touhou Tenkijou. Last week, we found out the Discord account for the developer of Touhou Tenkijou, CaraPrincess2007, has been suspended due to an apparent underage ban, even though she was over 13. Why do you think this happened? Well, CaraPrincess isContinue reading “Sad Start to the New Year for the Touhou Tenkijou Developer”

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