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The Future for Drillimation’s Games with Their New Controller

Yesterday, Drillimation Systems attempted to get a second controller for their PC. However, both retail locations reported the controller was out of stock due to a shortage in supplies, as denoted by the message “Due to a shortage of necessary parts, some of the accessory products for the Xbox Series X/S console are currently outContinue reading “The Future for Drillimation’s Games with Their New Controller”

Why Governors are Always Great Choices for Presidential Candidates

There have been seventeen governors who have been elected as President of the United States. A couple weeks ago, I met and spoke with former Pennsylvania governor and congressman Tom Ridge over Zoom about why governors are always great choices for presidential candidates. There may be many motivations why governors may launch a presidential campaignContinue reading “Why Governors are Always Great Choices for Presidential Candidates”

It’s Official: Drillimation Systems Has Now Left Mercyhurst University

Drillimation Systems is no longer headquartered at Mercyhurst University. This marks the end of three months of fighting to leave the Hurst and the start of an uncertain future for Drillimation Systems. The Prophet Driller today woke up to no longer being a student at the university. It took three grueling months for Drillimation SystemsContinue reading “It’s Official: Drillimation Systems Has Now Left Mercyhurst University”

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