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How to Avoid the Underage Ban on Drillimation Systems’ Discord Server

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, or COPPA for short, is a federal law that requires all internet companies to obtain parental permission before they can collect information from children under 13 years of age. This article will teach you on how to avoid falsely getting banned for being underage. Why do IContinue reading “How to Avoid the Underage Ban on Drillimation Systems’ Discord Server”

Why the Content ID Claim on the Bergentruckung Cover Can’t Be Removed

If you see this video’s description. You can probably understand why it has “Music in this Video” at the bottom of this description. YouTube’s Content ID system has selected this video to be monetized with royalties going to Materia Music Publishing, the estate responsible for managing the use of the music for Undertale and Deltarune.Continue reading “Why the Content ID Claim on the Bergentruckung Cover Can’t Be Removed”

The First Part of the Kozanese Constitution

The modern Kozanese constitution was written when Kozan declared independence from Sweden in 1809. The constitution officially declared the Federal Kingdom of Kozan as a constitutional monarchy and delineates the national frame of the Kozanese government. Preamble The Monarchy of Kozan, as well as the people of our nation, shall order themselves to establish aContinue reading “The First Part of the Kozanese Constitution”

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