This is a complete list of questions you may have about our company and intellectual property in general.

Concerning the company

What is Drillimation Systems?
Drillimation Systems is an entertainment conglomerate with a main focus on video games and animation. Our products are intended for newcomers to video games and veteran fans of games alike.

When did you start Drillimation?
Drillimation originally began in mid-2014 as a fan project where the Prophet wanted to make GoAnimate videos featuring characters from Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Mr. Driller franchise. The Drillimation domain was formally registered in 2019 shortly after the Chuhou Joutai demo released.

You disgust me because I hear you asset flip things. Why!?
Back when Drillimation first began, he was not a skilled artist, so he had to use someone else’s to get started. Then came all of those copyright infringement controversies, but they eventually stopped after GoAnimate transitioned to HTML5, so you can call the Prophet the ‘new Goemon’. The controversies almost flared up again in early 2020 due to the reuse of assets for the Touhou 1: The Highly Responsive to Prayers demake. Nevertheless, the game still managed to receive positive reviews after it released. But should Drillimation release it for the Nintendo Switch, definitely we will need the license from Team Shanghai Alice.

I’ve noticed Japanese text on the itch.io pages for Drillimation products. Are your products targeting Japanese people or western people living in Japan?
All products sold by Drillimation Systems are targeting Japanese people in Japan, as well as the international markets. Despite the use of “Co., Ltd.” in the company name and the Japanese text in the logo, Drillimation Systems is not based in Japan, but rather somewhere in the US. Although “Co., Ltd.” is reserved by companies in Eastern Asia, it’s not uncommon for companies in the US to use it as well.

I don’t like your content – can you take it off the site?
We understand that not everyone may like our products, but the majority of people who write in seem to enjoy them. We won’t remove anything unless a legal complaint requires us to, but you can ignore it as best you can.

I would like to make a derivative work featuring Drillimation’s characters or assets. Would you mind?
We don’t mind if you create a derivative work based on Drillimation’s content. Make sure that whatever you post follows the Game Content and Brand Usage Rules and ensure we receive credit. We can terminate your permission to use them if you don’t adhere to these rules.

Can I send a link to the website or any of their social media platforms?
By any means, spread the word! You don’t have to ask.

You post on social media nearly every day – will you ever run out?
We always have a to-do list to ensure we have enough material to post to social media, even if the Prophet is on a vacation. Sometimes we will repost/retweet material fans send us. Before the Prophet heads out on an odyssey, we will prepare a series of stuff to post while the Prophet is out and about. Therefore, this is to ensure we don’t have a shortage.

I tagged you on social media but how come you didn’t repost or retweet my message?
There can be a few hurdles why we may not be able to retweet or repost your message to us on social media:

  1. We are less likely to retweet your message if your post doesn’t follow the Game Content and Brand Usage Rules.
  2. We sort through your posts to see what can and cannot be retweeted or reposted. If your post doesn’t meet the criteria, then it may never get one – sorry.

What holidays do you generally celebrate?
Even though Drillimation is an American company, we do celebrate holidays outside the US. The list of holidays we celebrate are listed below:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Chinese/Lunar New Year
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Hinamatsuri
  • Spring Equinox
  • April Fool’s Day
  • Easter
  • May Day
  • Summer Solstice
  • Canada Day
  • Labor Day
  • Autumn Equinox
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Winter Solstice
  • Christmas

Can I compose music for future Drillimation projects?
We get dozens of requests and ads about this. Drillimation already has a dedicated in-house composer. It’s none other than the Prophet Driller. We do not need any other composers at the moment. Enough said.

You’re based in America, so why do you express all measurements using the metric system?
Because of our international presence and almost all countries with the exception of the US and Burma have adopted it, we too at Drillimation have adopted the metric system in order to meet global needs. Although metrication in the United States is optional and not mandatory, many industries have chosen not to convert. A lot of Americans have studied the metric system in school, but an overwhelming majority of them do not use them in daily life, with us being one of the few exceptions.

Concerning the Prophet

Sure, your products target the Japanese market, but do you speak their language?
The Prophet Driller took four years of Japanese and has visited Japan once. When we translate our products for the Japanese market or when he’s answering questions from Japanese players, he is required to read, write, and speak it 80 – 100% of the time. The Prophet can sure say he is fluent in Japanese, but is by any means no native speaker or any Japanese heritage. He has yet to pass his Japanese-Language Proficiency Tests. Here’s an example of the prophet speaking Japanese in the trailer below:

One of the former people involved with the Drillimation project and was considered his crush is a hafu (a word to describe someone who is half-Japanese), meaning she does speak the language. Her father is American, while her mother is Japanese. She was raised bilingually, having visited Japan numerous times.

Why is the headmaster even called “The Prophet”?
Other than his pen name of Susumu Takajima (not to be confused with the titular character from Chuhou Joutai), he prefers to keep his real name private. The people who attend Mercyhurst University and know Drillimation seem to know his real name, but we can’t release it.

Can I video or voice chat with the Prophet?
Unfortunately, no. Drillimation Systems does not answer unsolicited calls and anyone who tries to do so will be blocked by CallApp. If you would like to contact the Prophet, we recommend you speak to him via email or private message.

What’s up with his voice? Why does it sound like he has a cold or something!?
The problem is, he has chronic allergies, and there may be some days where he might sound normal, whereas other days he might not. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, most treatments do not generally work. Afrin can work, but repeated use can lead to arrhythmia.

Purchases and downloads

Can I download my purchase from Steam or itch.io?
For most of our products, yes. Once you purchase a product by Drillimation on itch.io, there will be links for you to download the game. If you pay using credit card, your download will be ready once your payment is processed. If you purchase via Steam, your download will begin automatically once your payment is processed.

Do any of your products have warranties?
Yes, we do. All Drillimation product sales are final. If you played a title for an hour and didn’t like it, your warranty will apply. Please note refunds can only apply within two weeks of purchase and if you have less than two hours of playtime on Steam and 90 days on itch.io.

If your game stops operating within one year of purchase, you can redownload the game free of charge, but please note this cannot apply if your actions that caused it were in violation of the End User License Agreement. If the game stops operating more than one year after purchase, you may have to pay a replacement fee equivalent to the purchase price.

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