In the Land of Illusions, the military sends in a young recruit to find and defeat the head of a terror group.

Founded under the influence of Japanese culture in 2014 with their first game released on May 22, 2020, Susumu Takajima, also known as the Prophet Driller, of Drillimation Systems is beginning to develop a legacy by producing quality titles for Steam and itch.io. It all began by making a simplified version of the danmaku or bullet hail genre with Chuhou Joutai. Rather than just giving the player a health system to keep themselves afloat, we paid homage to the golden era of arcade games in stylish ways, eventually causing the game to garner praise from critics. Chuhou Joutai was followed up by remakes of the first two Touhou Project games and the sequel Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided!, eventually forming what would become the Drillimation Danmaku Universe.

By developing Chuhou Joutai and its sequel in the style of a retro arcade game, many of us relieved our childhoods by setting the game in a stylized version of our hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. We wanted each moment on every stage to invoke the power for our legendary mystical Driller and his cute magical girl. The Prophet Driller had unleashed his talent with an incomparable musical score that could uphold any indie developers who lack any musical talent. In between the Chuhou Joutai games, Drillimation is taking on a side mission to bring the PC-98 Touhou Project to Windows in the style of an NES game. We were honored to include one of our characters from Chuhou Joutai in the remake of the second game from that iconic shooter game series.

The Prophet was a student at Mercyhurst University at the start of Chuhou Joutai‘s development. By producing these four titles, he had learned a lot more than to what was taught at Mercyhurst. He dropped out in May 2021 to finish Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided!. With the overwhelmingly positive reviews the demo garnered, he is confident it will be successful.

Western developers are lured into what the Japanese do on their clean plates.

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The Japanese are one of the most influential groups of people in the world. Many have shared their talent with westerners who eventually inspire the rest of the world by giving them their clean plates. Drillimation Systems is located in the flagship city of Erie, Pennsylvania, the only settlement in the state that isn’t landlocked. With views that overlook Lake Erie and the Presque Isle bay, as well as cosmopolitan cultures, Erie can be a good and not so good place to live near the Canadian border with its warm summers and cold snowy winters. Regardless of whatever time of the year it is, there’s always something that people of any age can crave.


Drillimation Systems is an entertainment conglomerate headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania. Their main mission is to produce material intended for both the Japanese and Western markets. Drillimation was originally a producer of GoAnimate material before they moved into full game development in 2016. On May 22, 2020, they released their first title Chuhou Joutai on Steam. There are unique quirks that characterize ourselves and the businesses connected to us. Our tone is the feeling we convey when communicating with our players. They represent our personality in the descriptors below.


Drillimation is genuine and sincere to our players. We tell our stories transparently. We supply assertions with facts frankly.


Drillimation limits flowery language and fluff in their works. We try the best we can to tell our stories both visually and artistically.


Drillimation seeks to get the attention of our audience so we can hook them in. Our goal for success is to get players interested in an irresistible way and never let them go.


Drillimation’s communication sees and divines the future in our minds. When we communicate, we do so in a way that allows our players to immerse themselves in our worlds.


Drillimation’s name must be mentioned once, but we also use “we” and “our.” To the individual, we favor the audience and write directly to them.


Appreciation for diversity is to seek represenation of our company in images.


Our communication can be confident in a way that’s not arrogant or off-topic. We take all responsibilities for what we do.


Another form of success is to challenge and engage our players in the community. We respond to your social media posts and follow up and through.

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