Why the Majority of Women in Kozan Have Very Long Hair

Meet Konata: the Crown Princess of Kozan. The best gothic lolita in town. Ready to kick some rear with that whip (yes, she’s a vampire hunter).

In Kozan, women with very long hair has become ubiquitous. Many tourists who visit Kozan won’t realize how nearly every single woman they encounter while walking in the streets, speaking with female staff members at a facility, or even befriending a Kozanese woman will have hair that comes all the way down to their upper/lower calves, or even their knees. According to the Kozanese Ministry of Culture, 25% of all women in Kozan have hair this length.

Why? Well, to tell you the truth, we will have to take you all the way back to when Queen Marisa founded the Kozanese Royal Family in the 17th/18th centuries. In the official religious text of Notchist Shinto, Marisa could not be formally coronated until she grew her hair all the way down to the floor, and dictated that every single female commoner who decides to marry a Kozanese prince must do this too. After the Meiji Restoration, this requirement was widened to the knees or longer.

All Kozanese princesses must do this too. They weren’t even allowed to cut it for the entirety of their lives. The requirement of having very long hair in order to marry a Kozanese prince had become one of the most influential beauty styles among girls in the country. Many would begin doing this as early as six years and as late as ten years of age. Of course, when the internet came around, outsiders began doing the same, albeit not very much.

This is what Kisumi Torisawa, Kagami Ochiai’s mother, looks like with her hair undone.

In Kozanese folkore, a type of youkai species exclusive to males called Setsuikumo could let the process happen instantly. Women who experience their true love’s first kiss will cause their hair to grow all the way down to their ankles almost immediately. Hideo Ochiai, Kagami and Yumi Ochiai’s father, is one. If you think Kisumi Torisawa, Kagami and Yumi’s mother, has normal-length hair, you thought wrong. She experienced it during her university years, and has ankle-length hair. Unfortunately, she didn’t like that and decided to begin using a donut-like contraption to tie it in a bun to the length she had before the transformation.

Daughters who are born to setsuikumo have their hair grow as they grow and will almost always be ankle-length by the time she turns twenty. So, if you expect to see Kagami Ochiai in her future, prepare to see her have very long hair!

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