Yumi Ochiai – Kagami Ochiai’s Younger Sister Who is Also Beautiful and Loves Beauty

If you thought Chuhou Joutai’s female protagonist Kagami Ochiai wasn’t enough, meet her younger sister Yumi. She’s only two and a half years younger than her big sister.

Truly, this is what she is basically.

And if you didn’t notice, yes she is a shrine maiden as well, like Kumiko Uchida, except she works at a different shrine near her school. And in case you didn’t know, she is also big into fashion as well. If you didn’t read the article on Kagami and how she’s into fashion as well, you can read it here.

Like Kagami, she likes dressing in kimono as well.

As you might expect, Yumi is a member of the Ochiai Clan, meaning she dresses in kimono as well. Yumi’s concept of creation actually came when my ex-girlfriend asked me to give Kagami a younger sister, so I came up with Yumi’s name. In addition, her outfit was also suggested by the same person who asked me to create her. Her hair-style didn’t prove quite challenging, so all we just went was a hime-cut like Yumi’s mother Kisumi has.

What was kind of interesting was she was created on the last day that my ex-girlfriend and I would meet together before we broke up in June 2015, over half a year after Kagami was created. Yumi actually got her name from one of my friends who suggested it. Her hat came naturally, as I felt that giving her a hat made her stand out from all the other members of the Ochiai Clan.

The December 2018 Monthly Update card for the Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki. As you can see in the background, Yumi is wearing hakama over kimono.

Whenever Yumi isn’t out for adventure, she typically wears kimono whenever she’s at her grandparents’ home located west of Downtown Kozankyo. The hakama she wears is the exact same one worn when she’s currently doing shrine maiden duties. If you see her, you might immediately compare her to Kumiko Uchida. See anything in common? They’re both part of the Notchist sect of Shinto.

Unlike Folk Shinto, the God we know in Abrahamic religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is the same one in Notchist Shinto. Shrine maidens of both sects wear different-colored hakama. Folk wears red, while Notchist wears sky blue. Rumors are saying that Yumi will appear later in Chuhou Joutai. When? Time will tell. This article may change in the future. If you want to give Chuhou Joutai a try, just click the links in red. See you in Kozankyo!

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