We’ve been approached by a few major third parties who have featured our game. These include:

Here are a few words from individual players about Drillimation’s products. If there are comments you would like added to this page, please let us know by email.

Chuhou Joutai Testimonies

“It’s a brilliant retro danmaku game influenced by the Golden Era of arcade games and Touhou Project. The game utilizes a health system, so you won’t have to worry about dying on one hit.”

Instagram user @shmup_ita

“This is a great game. It looks like Aero Fighters and Undertale had a magical baby that shoots lighting. If you like retro games you’ll love this intensely. You must try it. Just do it.”

Twitter user @infinite_loopy

“It was a very interesting game. I haven’t played games like that in such a long time, but it was definitely an experience. It brought me back to some of the older games I’ve played in the past. I’m more into tactical RPGs, but this was a nice change of pace.”

Benjamin Rinaldo, student at Mercyhurst University

“This is very well programmed. I’m impressed by the amount of options and customization. That’s cool you have several variations of the same OST with the different sound sources. The sprite-work definitely looks like a real arcade game from back in the day. I’ll have to try this with a second player at some point. The drawn art can be odd looking but I think it gives the game a charm. I’m a self taught artist myself, perhaps that’s why I feel that way. I respect your passion. Keep doing what you’re doing, man.”

itch.io player StudioDaeera

“I never really talked in person, but I actually enjoyed playing your game while it was in the beta phases. It was really neat you managed to recreate an Erie-based Touhou.”

Twitter user @theblumandonly

“Enjoyed the game a lot. I only played the demo but had quite a bit of fun. Keep up the amazing work and left you a follow. Your game is first in the video!”

itch.io player Grimbag

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