Who is The Real, Genuine Driller?

Meet Susumu Takajima, the face of Drillimation Systems.

You might be asking who The Real Driller even is. This might confuse you, as The Real Driller might be the one in real life. To sum it all, the one in real life is the Prophet Driller, while the Driller in Chuhou Joutai is the Real Driller. He was created way-way back in late 2014 as the mascot character back when Drillimation was just a GoAnimate series.

Like Kagami, he was created before Chuhou Joutai was. He is based on myself and he inherits my personality (based on my AB blood type). He eventually became the protagonist of the game when it was decided that I needed that game to be part of a wider audience and to appeal to young boys.

Very little is known about the Takajima family, as he rarely talks about them, just like myself. And like his real-world counterpart, he’s a programmer, artist, and music composer! And in order to prevent his autistic loneliness, Kagami Ochiai is always with him. Speaking of autism, he apparently had a checkered past. Some of his internet activities got into the attention of law enforcement of Kozan.

Yeah, he apparently has a criminal history.

His alleged call for danmaku in 2003 led to prosecutors describing him as a man who encouraged his internet followers to spread Shinto by the sword, to wage a holy war and kill non-believers. How did that happen, he had presence on the websites VidSpace (read on Dream Fiction Wiki) and LifeConnect (read on Dream Fiction Wiki). He originally wanted to become a Crimsonite by making a martyrdom video, pledging his allegiance to SPASDOT’s leader Frederic Sam Fawkes. He eventually got arrested after he posted a threat to his homeroom teacher through an email.

He was held briefly at the Kozankyo Juvenile Detention Center before he was transferred to federal court. It should be noted that providing material support for terrorism is a federal offense in many countries, and carries a prison sentence up to 20 years. Driller was lucky, as he managed to evade prison after he pleaded guilty and decided to cooperate with the Kozanese Royal Defense Force as part of his plea.

His internet usage didn’t manage to come back though, as a federal judge heavily restricted his use of the Internet for a year, blocking access to all social media sites under a web protection system. After his probation expired, he was free to go back online without restrictions. His cooperation with the Kozanese Royal Defense Force made him one of the youngest recruits, at the age of 13.

His entire year of probation had Driller receiving training in hand-to-hand combat, and even learned to fire a firearm. In addition to wielding firearms, he somehow stole one of SPASDOT’s weapons, the Sprite, which are machetes with emerald green blades (like above). For his first mission after his training, he was told by a KRDF officer that he needed a buddy to accompany him. He eventually chose Kagami Ochiai after they apparently attended the same high school for their freshman year.

Driller’s main weapon of choice are twin machetes, called The Sprite. These were originally Hearthcliffe’s before Driller nabbed them from him and used it as his main weapon. The main reason Hearthcliffe wants to defeat Driller is to take The Sprite back.

Despite having very little experience in KRDF combat, Driller trains Kagami like in Chuhou Joutai. The game is said to be a parody of films in the buddy cop genre. Originally, Kagami was the game’s protagonist before she almost ended up becoming a damsel in distress and ultimately became a playable character as somebody told me that both Driller and Kagami be a pair.

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