The Prophet Driller Gets His First Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine

The tweet the Prophet wrote after getting vaccinated.

On Monday afternoon, the Prophet Driller of Drillimation Systems received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. He is also part of the youngest generation to get the vaccine at the age of 21. This came after all Pennsylvania residents 16 and older were eligible to get the vaccine.

Drillimation Systems did an outstanding job on managing the pandemic even when that deadly third wave rampaged across Drillimation’s hometown. The Prophet’s second and final dose is scheduled on May 13, 2021. However, to ensure that the side effects didn’t interfere with his operations, the Prophet had to self-quarantine for two days. Some of the side effects he experienced included great discomfort in his right arm which was the injection site. Even after he was done self-quarantining, another day had to be added due to a mild fever he had on Wednesday.


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