Touhou Project NES Demakes

Experience the games that started it all!

The original Touhou Project games from the PC-98 have been brought to life on your PC with completely new NES-style graphics and audio in the NES Demake series.

Touhou 1: The Highly Responsive to Prayers

Slay the angel of death who destroyed the Hakurei Shrine during a civil war, and pass the trial of Fudou-Myoou’s attendant!

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Touhou 2: The Story of Eastern Wonderland

Investigate the outbreak of evil spirits, meet Marisa Kirisame, and learn the secrets of the Hakurei Shrine!

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Touhou 3: The Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams

Defeat your opponents to win the right to enter the ancient ruins, where your dream might actually come true.

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Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story

Step into Mugenkan, a mansion located in the world of empty dreams. Maybe you could find your worst nightmare.

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Touhou 5: Mystic Square

Pay a visit to the Aetherworld, the realm of demons. Plenty of references to JRPGs included!

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