What Did Kazuo Ozawa do with SPASDOT Before He Died?

During Kazuo’s tenure with SPASDOT before he was ultimately killed in Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided!, he actually did odd jobs during his time as a newly recruited Crimsonite. He did do a good few deeds such as fight gangsters from other clans and groups, but he also did a number of malicious acts when confronting policemen, restaurant staff, and even Kozanese Royal Defense Force officers within the Kozankyo metropolitan area.

He unfortunately didn’t escape police during an armed robbery against the main Shimin Bank headquarters in 1995. Allied with three other Crimsonites, they steal 1 million ingots, with each taking an excess of 250,000 ingots. Just as soon as Kazuo was trying to exit the bank, all exits were blocked by police drawing their guns, even though the only thing Kazuo was armed with was a samurai sword. He eventually got cornered and arrested.

Ozawa, alongside another Crimsonite arrested beside him, pleaded guilty to the robbery. Ozawa got five years in prison for taking part in the robbery, while the other Crimsonite got ten years for armed robbery and retaliating against law enforcement. Ozawa was released from prison two years into his sentence after he successfully appealed the case and testified against other Crimsonites.

After he left prison, he immediately turned his eyes back to SPASDOT, where he began training rookie Crimsonites. He also tried his hand at politics by running a campaign to be elected governor of Kozan province in 2002, but his campaign didn’t go anywhere. Out of the 3.5 million votes that were cast, he hardly got any due to his criminal record. He ended up getting 444 votes, which was 0.00013% of the popular vote.


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