Chuhou Joutai/Soundtrack


Chuhou Joutai‘s sountrack consists of five versions, with one being chosen based on your desire. Please note the tracks listed are available for playback only. The full release of the soundtrack is titled Victorian Boutique Vol. 1, and contains every track in every format.

2A03 Chip Demonstration

The Story of Hearthcliffe, heard in the intro.

AdLib/SoundBlaster Demonstration

Crimsonites Can’t Live Without RGB, heard in stage 2.

YM-2608 Demonstration

Dusky Eclipse, heard in stage 3.

Roland MT-32 Demonstration

Hearthcliffe is Here, heard during ‘panic’ moments in cutscenes.

Mod Tracker Demonstration

Captured by the Illusionary Sun, heard in stage 1.

These tracks are also available for listening on SoundCloud.

We also have the entire soundtrack in MIDI format. If you’re an aspiring musician and want to use them to arrange your favorite songs from the game, click here to download them.*

*All arrangements you publish must follow the Game Content and Brand Usage Rules.

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