Chuhou Joutai/Characters

Chuhou Joutai is all about the attractive cast of characters. But please don’t accept them by artwork, think of them as like an attraction.

Meet the duo

Susumu Takajima, otherwise known as The Real Driller in the western world, is the one you’ll take along on your journey. He’s meant to be used by beginners, his Suspect Seekie will aim at every enemy ever known. It’s not that powerful, but is useful if you aren’t good at aiming. Then he has the Dragon’s Beam, which fires more powerful bullets at a slower pace. They still deal the exact same damage.

Driller’s a programmer, and he is the founder of “The Unforgettable”, which is a subunit of the Kozanese Royal Defense Force. His emerald machetes are indestructible and can tear through anything.

Kagami Ochiai, otherwise known by her stage name Princess Kagami, is the other one that you can take with you, but she’s geared more towards experienced players. Her Cherry Bob-omb explodes into shards and damages nearby enemies, while still firing at the same rate. The other one, the Atmospheric Laser, is very slow but very powerful, and deals the most damage.

Kagami is a pop star, and she joins Driller in The Unforgettable. Driller first met her at one of her performances, before she decided to attend the same high school as Driller, ultimately beginning their friendship.

Other Characters of the Chuhou Joutai World


ε – Denotes echo character, this character is based on another character from an outside franchise

Each day from August 1 up until August 14 of 2019, a new character card was posted to Twitter and Instagram. Who is your favorite? Tell us on our contact page or fire us an email at


More art coming soon.


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