How the Digits Typeface Came to Be in Chuhou Joutai

This is what it looks like, besides the default sentence.

If you’ve ever played Chuhou Joutai, you might recognize this font from either the menus, promotional posters, or even during gameplay. The actual name of this font is known as Digits. And believe me, if you try searching “digits typeface” anywhere on Google, you will not likely find it (with the possible exception of this page). This is because Digits is a custom typeface.

Digits was originally created by Australian graphic designer Tyler Harper (who goes by his online handle Blue91233) using the free online typeface creator tool FontStruct right around the same time the Dream Fiction Wiki, which Drillimation founded but no longer heads, launched in late 2016. The font was released in April 2016, just six months before DFW was even founded. Digits was originally used as the system font for the early versions of TS-UGOS, a fictional operating system released by the El Kadsre-based company Theorysonic.

Harper freely licensed the font to Drillimation Systems for use in Chuhou Joutai in roughly 2018. Since then, the typeface has become an integral part of Drillimation marketing materials for the English market and has gone far beyond than Chuhou Joutai. You can find it in banners, trailers, promotional posters, and just about everything Drillimation makes. Harper has designed three other typefaces such as BMC Sans, Stribanshi, and Spec. BMC Sans came six months before digits in November 2015, Stribanshi came almost four months after Digits in July 2016, and Spec came the following year after Stribanshi in October 2017.

Ever since Chuhou Joutai released on Steam, Harper has listed Chuhou Joutai‘s hashtag in his Twitter bio, and you can find him if you search it on Twitter.

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