Monthly Updates: December 2020

Hi, this is Driller from Drillimation Systems.

Greetings players. To all of our players of Chuhou Joutai, Christmas is approaching. Over the past several months, we witnessed one of the most terrible incidents of the 21st century. Before the coronavirus pandemic set afoot, I will say almost one year ago we had a revolutionary transformation of the Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki as Drillimation dropped ownership. As Christmas approaches, I recommend you take a few minutes to read this and reflect on the events of what happened after Drillimation departed from the Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki.

For almost four years, Drillimation was the chair of the Dream Logos Wiki when I adopted the site and saved it from being disbanded. This struggle shaped the lives of all its users. Even after the players who confronted Drillimation over its malpractices in late 2019, the users declared victory when I resigned a week after impeachment. Every user took pride in this victory and supported us during our tenure.

After Drillimation departed, we moved to new ventures, which included the founding of Drillipedia the following month back in January. That marked the start of a new chapter in Drillimation. I’d like to express my gratitude for the months you spent waiting for Chuhou Joutai to release on Steam. Despite a few game-breaking bugs we had to crush after release, we congratulate those players who have been anticipating its completion and release. I reviewed my accomplishments over the year and hope for a bright and beautiful 2021 when the coronavirus recedes.

My legacy on the Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki guarantees myself to be an honored place in those sites’ history to work in constructive ways with my successors. Some users in the indie game development community congratulated me when Chuhou Joutai released at midnight UTC on May 22, 2020, the same day Pac-Man celebrated his 40th anniversary. Despite instability and chaos later in the year, I will clearly serve new interests within the coming year.

I stand for the last thirty days of this dreadful year and hope for children contemplate a whole new world by getting armed with the brand new coronavirus vaccine. The dramatic increase in cases in America has posed new challenges here at home. Even four days after we were waiting to see who got 270 electoral college votes, I want you to know that President-elect Joe Biden is committed to ending the coronavirus pandemic by the end of next year. We will only succeed if we vaccinate the most vulnerable; that being children under five, people over 65, and pregnant women.

The vaccine will be great hope for all Americans. And for the children, we offer them guarantee that the world will return to normal following a global incident we needed a shrine maiden to resolve. Once piece on earth arrives again, our good will goes to men and may God bless America.

What’s New This Month?

The first thing I want to start off with is if you haven’t saw on YouTube, we released the reveal trailer for Chuhou Joutai 2. The first Chuhou Joutai had a good reception and many players liked it, and I felt I wouldn’t bother to do a sequel. The game’s official name will be revealed on January 1, accompanied by a new trailer the week after.

Not to mention we are now officially on Patreon. We recommend you read our announcement post if you haven’t already. We needed another way to fund Drillimation Systems and felt that setting up a subscription service that allows players to see exclusive content can help us get more and more revenue. Click here to access our Patreon page.

Subscribing will get you exclusive perks, such as free Steam keys to all current and future Drillimation games and access to exclusive artwork and such. Monoprice 606607 MIDI Keyboard Controller - Black, 49 Key |  Pitch-bend & Modulation wheels, Driverless plug and play for Windows and  Mac PCs - Stage Right Series: Musical Instruments

The last thing I want to say is I am getting a MIDI keyboard for my gaming workstation. After my parents got a brand new electric piano back in August, I felt I needed one for my computer. However, due to the size of the keyboard, I will have to make adjustments to my gaming setup. But my sacrifice will reward me, as the keyboard will make music work for me easier. I ordered the keyboard off Newegg on Black Friday and the keyboard is expected to arrive on Thursday, December 3.

EDIT: The keyboard arrived two days early due to Winter Storm Dane. This was to ensure the storm didn’t impact shipping.

And one more thing too: the old Drillimation Tumblr website will be closing on December 31, 2020. Due to three years of inactivity, Drillimation Systems has made the decision to close the old Tumblr website.

Anyway, have a good Christmas and look forward to 2021.


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