The Proclamation of the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan

The Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan was founded on January 2, 1702 at midnight at the Kozankyo Imperial Palace in Kozankyo, which Queen Marisa set the capital of her new kingdom. With the formation of the monarchy, it was declared as the government of the new nation, which Marisa also proclaimed during her founding speech. Following her address of the formal founding of the kingdom, the flag of Eastern Kozan was unveiled with Marisa being crowned by an archbishop. Since this occurred the day after New Year’s Day on the Gregorian calendar, it would be the country’s national holiday until 1809 when May 17 was selected as the country’s national day as they declared independence from Sweden.

Declaration Speech

People of Kozankyo and King Rinnosuke, thank you. As the queen of a new monarchy, I hereby declare the establishment of the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan. Our people in Eastern Kozan have been plunged into suffering when the Scarlet Devil attempted to betray our motherland. We have been fighting heroically and selflessly to defend the sovereignty of our homeland by protecting our citizens’ lives and property, relieving their suffering, struggling for their rights, and exterminating the attempted rule by the Crimsonite people. Now that we have backing from the Swedish, I shall also establish the first session of the Democratic Party of Kozan.

Representing my whole will, our kingdom shall be free and open to society. I have been elected as the sovereign of Kozan and have decided on Kozankyo to be the capital of the Federal Kingdom of Kozan. As I take the throne today, our goal was to establish a kingdom within Kozan, adopt Swedish standards and customs, and form various organs of the kingdom to carry out our work. In addition, we have also decided to declare the governments of all other countries to represent everyone in the Federal Kingdom of Kozan. We are also willing to establish diplomatic relations with any foreign governments that observe our principles with equality, mutual benefit, and mutual respect.


Shortly after the proclamation, the first military parade of Eastern Kozan took place and involved more than 6,000 officers and personnel. It was the first large-scale military parade of the 18th century.


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