Criminology Lab – El Kadsre Special Services foil SPASDOT-inspired terror plot in Capulco

Kisumi Torisawa wrote this report on July 28, 2001. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

The El Kadsre Special Services has foiled a terror plot today at a gun range in Capulco, El Kadsre. The arrest may have prevented a repeat of a tragedy at the Capulco Mall two years ago. Capulco native Hiroaki Ikehata was arrested today after he attempted to purchase a semi-automatic rifle and approximately 300 rounds of danmaku. One of the items Ikehata attempted to purchase was smokeless powder. Police managed to track Ikehata to a nearby hotel in what appeared to be a makeshift bomb factory.

In the room where Ikehata was staying, they found gunpowder, a pressure cooker, batteries, alarm clocks, and a semi-automatic handgun. Ikehata allegedly told a confidential informant he wanted to attack civilians at the Capulco Mall with a bomb at a popular restaurant in the mall. According to motives, he was seeking revenge for “what the army did to SPASDOT.” The 21-year-old Crimsonite saw discharge a year ago after he refused to fight in an “unjust war against Shinto.” He is also facing charges for possessing illegally downloaded movies.

Ikehata’s alleged plot came in less than two years after a shooting spree at the mall left 13 people dead. The alleged attacker was radicalized by SPASDOT propaganda videos and was encouraged to act under Frederic Sam Fawkes’ orders. According to El Kadsreian prosecutors, no terror connections have surfaced on Ikehata’s case. Investigators do not believe if Ikehata was part of any plot by SPASDOT or Gyonyoru Foldunk, but this time, a threat like this was stopped.


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