Criminology Lab – Kozan sees steady rise in communist extremism

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on this KBN Evening News Broadcast on December 2, 2002. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: This country has seen a rise in violence by communist extremists. This includes the murders of 13 people at a mall in Capulco, El Kadsre in 1999, 17 in Horudika Canal in September, and recently, 29 in Dockery Bay. Homeland Security Correspondant Kisumi Torisawa has the latest, as the king and prime minister weigh in.

Kisumi: In Kozankyo today, heavily armed police and Kozanese Royal Defense Force officers stood watch outside the Hakurei Shrine near Kozankyo University, even though law enforcement is unaware of any imminent threat. What investigators have seen is a steady rise in left-wing or communist extremism. Crown Princess Konata, a military leader, stated they’re seeing more communist propaganda being leaked online. SPASDOT followers online are now making a second attempt to overthrow the monarchy of Kozan. Communist attacks in Eastern Asia outside China and North Korea jumped by 43%. In North America, communist extremists were linked to more than 50 murders in 2002. According to Hakurei Shrine priest Tomohiro Uchida:

“I would say the majority of it is propagated online. In fact, this morning after an attack is perpetrated by SPASDOT, I was seeing celebration online, on anti-capitalist websites. It’s really disgusting.”

Last month, an El Kadsre Special Services agent was arrested after prosecutors said he was stockpiling weapons from Gyonyoru Foldunk to fuel a religious war. Over the summer, another man in Romrac killed 11 people at a Shinto shrine. He allegedly posted anti-Shinto messages on LifeConnect leading up to the attack. One of the sympathizers in the Dockery Bay bombings in Kyoushin mentioned him in a manifesto, as well as Hikari Uchida’s killer Hearthcliffe. The sympathizer livestreamed the Dockery Bay attack in an apartment room complex in an effort to keep the cycle of violence going.

At the White House in the United States, president George Bush disagreed.

“I think it’s a small group of people saying they have very very serious problems.”

Currently, the KRDF and FBI have around 900 active cases in Kozan, including ones involving communist extremism.

Anchor: Kisumi, thank you very much.


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