KBN This Morning – Youkai-born bride-to-be member of Kozanese Royal Family brings ethical issues to spotlight

This KBN This Morning report aired on October 13, 1981. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: A youkai-born woman who is expected to marry Prince Soujirou in February is causing controversy this morning as 21-year-old Kanata Kobayakawa will be the first youkai-born ever to marry into the Kozanese Royal Family. We visited the royal couple in Horudika Canal where Kobayakawa expects to be the future “youkai princess” of the Royal Family.

Narrator: Good morning. The Kozanese Royal Family was founded by Queen Marisa and her descendants are mostly humanoid, while youkai-borns were mostly their enemy. The newest bride-to-be is causing a debate about what it’s like to be a youkai-born. Walking through Horudika Canal with the royal couple of Prince Soujirou and Kanata Kobayakawa, Kobayakawa kept turning her head every time I’d ask her something, and she wants to use attending to change attitudes.

Narrator: Why do you want to marry into the Royal Family of Kozan?
Kobayakawa: Kozan still has issues with human-youkai relations, and I wanted to do something about it.

Narrator: When Prince Soujirou proposed to Kobayakawa yesterday under a selection of seven brides, her surprise to everyone was real. She was the first youkai-born to be engaged to a member of the Royal Family. Kobayakawa descended from the Kumoi youkai family tree.

Kobayakawa: At first, I didn’t want to marry Prince Soujirou because I was afraid I could become an assassination target. A friend of mine who was also a youkai-born committed suicide after he couldn’t marry into the Royal Family. So, I decided to do something about the suffering he endured.
Narrator: One of your friends killed himself because he was a youkai-born as well and was being made fun of?
Kobayakawa: Yeah, he did. He really hated being a youkai-born and couldn’t be accepted as a groom to the Royal Family.

Narrator: Kozan’s relationship between the humanoids and youkai were really hostile during the 17th and early 18th centuries and didn’t ease down until the Meiji Restoration in 1867, and Kozan still lacks spiritual diversity today. Half-youkai children in Kozan made up 2% of births this year. At a local gym where the royal couple work out twice a week, it is stunning to hear that Kobayakawa was once a bullied child.

Kobayakawa: When the teacher put me into a group project with non-youkai, I didn’t want my spirituality to rub on them. Some kids wouldn’t get into the pool with me.

Narrator: The bride-to-be, who is shown smiling with Prince Soujirou in this photo, was ready to face the criticism once Soujirou accepted her that erupted in protests and demonstrations. One poster said, “if she becomes queen, then they would have a half-youkai heir apparent and ruler. Kozan should be represented by a pureblood.” Others expressed disappointment, with one saying, “I am disappointed she was chosen to marry into the royal family.” Others questioned if she was truly a youkai-born. In general, Kobayakawa is, as her parents demonstrated this by showing us their family tree.

Kobayakawa: I sit on the floor and take off my shoes when I’m in the house. I know nothing but a traditional human lifestyle, rather than a youkai one.

Narrator: If Kobayakawa does marry and if Prince Soujirou becomes king, she will probably be the first youkai consort of a Kozanese monarchy.

Narrator: What is this conversation you wanted to have with him?
Kobayakawa: More inter-ethical marriages are happening in Kozan, meaning there will be more half-youkai children. I want them to be accepted here in Kozan as they are in the United States. I want society to get used to that idea.
Narrator: Have either of you been to the United States before?
Soujirou: Yes, I have. So has Kobayakawa.
Narrator: Had you renounced your royalty, would you be fine living there?
Soujirou: No, absolutely not! The reasoning is because I see a lot of guns on TV and in every movie I watch. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of cinema by the way.

Narrator: Kobayakawa spent two years living in the United States in junior high school, meaning she was exposed to western culture and different ways of thinking about people. While we have been learning on this love story, we’ve spoken with different half-youkai people who say they are watching this story and are looking up to her.


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