Touhou Kourinden Now 70% Complete

The development of Touhou Kourinden’s fifth act is underway. The first of the five missions for that act are done.

The first missions of acts can sometimes be a desk banger with a lot of things that have to be composed, drawn, or programmed. The assets that must be prepared vary based on the situation. A lot of things go into making a mission, including story, enemies, and maps.

What first missions were a desk banger? Every one of them. Not only were transitions having to be designed in between acts in terms of sprites for each of the playable characters, but I think the act that took up the most time was the third act, requiring a lot of rooms. Players will take a tour of locations they previously visited in the first act.

If you thought I was supposed to get the fourth act done by the end of June, you thought wrong. We’re nearing the light at the end of the tunnel.


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