Drillimation’s Twitter Account Reportedly Lost Followers Over the Past Two Weeks

Drillimation’s Twitter account experienced their worst week for two weeks in a row. Half of all users who unfollowed reportedly had their accounts suspended and we think we found the reason.

In February 2023, a rumor that Twitter changed their policies, including their community guidelines, so that only Twitter Blue subscribers, their premium subscription service, could display the Ukrainian flag on their profile spread. Non-subscribers were not permitted to use the flag, and offenders could likely face suspension.

Twitter is considered a neutral platform and the staff prohibits political bias in any form. The exhibition of the Ukrainian flag on the platform is considered an anti-Russian sentiment and would a possible form of hate speech. While some users would consider the above changes fake, Twitter only suspends accounts who use any forms of violent or hate speech, promote suicide or self harm, child exploitation and other adult content, and more.

Drillimation Systems is respectful of all diverse ethnic cultures, as well as all religious and political beliefs. Drillimation is a company that works to amplify their voice to people from all over the world, and enhance global human diversity.

Another probable causes is Twitter locking their API behind a paywall, possibly causing our operations to go haywire, which did not happen. You can read the two press releases on this here and here.


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