Super Mario Maker 2 Livestreams on Hold for the Next Two Weeks Not Just Because of Pokémon, But Construction

For the past year and a half, work on Drillimation projects may have been put on hold or delayed usually due to renovation projects. Since early 2021 following the death of the Mario Maker Dog Source, major construction projects at the Drillimation studio have taken place, starting with the replacement of carpets in May 2021 followed by the installation of an indoor veranda in January 2022, followed by the replacement of the roof and the installation of solar panels over the summer.

The next part of the renovations includes replacing windows (no, not the Windows OS on their computers). They are expected to take place the same week as the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet but may face delays due to a blizzard expected to hit Drillimation’s area at the beginning of the week.

Simply put, putting the livestreams on hold is necessary to devote time to the renovations and the game. The Prophet will choose Scarlet and Sprigatito as his starter.

Despite this, the installation of the veranda has led to security concerns, as the robust appearance of the studio has led to passersby stopping to photograph the property. This is especially concerning for criminals wanting to use the property as a prime target for raiding and/or looting. Furthermore, Drillimation may have to strengthen security to prevent it from happening.

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