Today’s the Day: Window Replacement

As mentioned in the last few posts, today is the day. If you’re seeing this, chances are the next major construction project is underway. At the time this post was made, the construction project will begin within the next 12 hours or so. This is the last post that I will have made before it commences.

If you’re kind of worried about what will happen, some major changes will have to be made. Firstly, the desk used for editing videos for Drillimation’s YouTube channel and livestreaming Super Mario Maker 2 courses will have to be moved. But no worries. You can always follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts at @Drillimation1 and @drillimation.official respectively. You’ll mostly see the tweets from my Twitter profile, given if you follow me because I’ll be live-tweeting the entire thing as it goes on, given some of the noisiness and messes that may occur from replacing the windows and its frame. I will tweet when the project is done, but there is no guarantee that it will be successful. The odds of success are high.

It’s tough having to cancel or reschedule things because of construction projects. Because of this, I had to get everything for this week done back-to-back so that the construction project didn’t interfere with my day-to-day operations. It’s made especially worse if you have an anxiety disorder.

The window replacement procedure usually takes an average of 40 to 60 minutes. Because there are two windows in my studio room, and there are a total of seven windows that must be replaced, it may take between 4 – 7 hours of work that may span a few days before it can be done. I may post a picture of the new windows on Twitter and Instagram once the renovations are complete. In addition, I apologize that I will not be livestreaming Super Mario Maker 2 speedrun courses for this week and next week simply because of the construction project, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releasing this Friday. I’ll be playing that game all weekend and all of next week.

I know that cutting work time to play games isn’t a good idea, but this is a series that I cannot put down. The franchise’s addictive nature makes you want to keep playing forever, but I still love my solo dev career. All I need to do before the end of 2023 is to complete Touhou Kourinden. I can’t work on the game during the time I am in Paldea, and also no Mario Maker 2 livestreams as well. I aim to finish Scarlet and Violet by the time December rolls in.

It’s hard to believe that the majority of my YouTube channel is music now. I had two videos scheduled to go live with one in twelve hours before the procedure begins, and I’m glad you can enjoy that new video while the window replacement is still going on.

I still have to do something to pass the 1-2 hours that it may take for my windows to be replaced. I don’t think I have anything else to say, but I have to indulge and I ask you to do the same. Nothing major will happen, and everything will be fine. Many players who played Chuhou Joutai 1 when it first came out back in 2020 changed my life. That was one of the things I could change when the coronavirus spread across the globe. It’s amazing that I could break barriers in Japan and introduce my games to the Japanese people ever since the day I set afoot in the country in 2019 before it all happened. I’ve helped a lot of VTubers in and outside of Japan spread the word about Chuhou Joutai. I was able to pass a lot of their time when they were stuck in quarantine.

When I started work on Chuhou Joutai 1 back in the summer of 2018, I didn’t want to go the same direction that Digital Homicide went, despite a few bumps in the road. Some people are wanting this game to be remade using the current Drillimation art direction and with voice acting. I want famous Japanese voice actors to play the characters in the Japanese dub, and I’ll supply my voice to Susumu Takajima in both the English and Japanese dubs. My future will create a legacy that can be shared among future generations of players. I am glad that every player who bought a copy of any of the three Chuhou Joutai games on Steam, or either followed me on Twitter or Instagram could expand Drillimation to becoming the second largest video game company in the Erie, PA metropolitan area. Now with most pandemic restrictions eased, we are hoping to get players from Japan to visit Erie and discover the truth behind that game.

A lot of people ask why I do this. Being a solo dev for a living is a difficult thing to do. I’ll end up in the streets of the Netherworld if things aren’t successful enough. Please support Drillimation, and have a good day.

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