BREAKING: Twitter Liking Activity Paralyzed for 10 Hours

Drillimation Systems’ liking activity on Twitter has returned after an automation issue that lasted ten hours. The issue began at 9:30 PM EDT and lasted until 7:00 AM the following day. The cause of the issue is unknown, but it is likely a bug from the most recent update to Twitter was the most probable cause.

Like the previous issue, no loss of followers were reported. It is common for automation issues to happen after the first hours of a new Twitter update due to the number of bugs that may be present. These are usually fixed within the next few days and the users who were Twitter Jailed are set free.

Social media paralyses can occur either due to bugs in the system or actions taken by the social media sites themselves. The first time Drillimation encountered a Twitter automation issue was in March of last year, which resulted in liking activity being halted for three days. That issue resulted in the loss of five followers. In addition, activity on Instagram was halted for the entire month of November due to Instagram’s decision to remove the Recent tab on all hashtag pages to prevent misinformation from Donald Trump from reaching the eyes of Instagram users. That issue resulted in the loss of 20 followers, and it should be noted that Instagram unfollowing is much more common than Twitter.


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