Why Kozan is Headed by a Parliament

The Parliament of Kozan is the bicameral legislature of Kozan and consists of two branches: the Senate and Representatives. Parliament generally meets at the Parliament building in Kozankyo and are chosen through election, which is held on the first Tuesday in November on years that end in an even number.

Every province in Kozan has at least two senators and the Kozanese constitution requires that all senators elected into Parliament be at least 25 years old and be a citizen of Kozan for at least ten of those years and can be re-elected an unlimited number of times, usually for the duration of their life.

Since the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan declared independence from Sweden in 1809, Kozan has held almost 100 sessions. Members of both the Democratic Party of Kozan and Socialist Party of Kozan are allowed to be elected into Parliament. Parliament is required to meet at least once per year.


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