Our Prophet Driller Has Turned 21!

Greetings players.

The birthday of our Prophet Driller has come. On this day in 1999, our Prophet Driller was born. As he has now officially reached the official age of majority, you can say he is more powerful now. However, 2020 was hit with unprecedented difficulties thanks to the great and terrible coronavirus, which now has a cure for. I extend heartfelt congratulations to our players who have been anticipating the completion and release of Chuhou Joutai on Steam.

On this day, I am so splendid and seethe with pressure and pride, but I must not forget this moment of today is being defended by our players who are performing great effort and devotion to Drillimation Systems. The world has made devoted efforts to overcome this harsh pandemic this year and defend my glorious moment of today. How many challenges have we overcome in this pandemic?

Despite cases rising in anticipation for the second wave, our service personnel have been helping us combat the after effects of the pandemic in our area which we began facing back in March. No one would approach their patriotic power without shedding tears from the loved ones they lost to the virus. Defending ourselves is a key factor in slowing the spread, but we took too many mistakes and suffered great pain, from the George Floyd incident back in May to several world figures contracting the virus for refusing to wear a mask.

I offer my condolences to the families who lost loved ones to the virus, and we hope that all kids’ happy dreams come true within the days, months, and years to come. We also send this warm wish to the countries that are affected the most and hope they get their hands on remdesivir to chop off cases and defeat the pandemic. Way to go America, above and beyond. However, we still have to conduct trial and error to work out all of the potential side effects.

It was also not easy for us to get to this point in time. We had to fight multiple struggles after another and overcome a few ordeals and departures. Although Drillimation’s 6-year history has been plagued with difficulties, every day and step has unexpected challenges and grave obstacles that could pop up. We can be meaningful with pride and accomplishment to brave them all. We can demonstrate by overcoming the calamities that troubled us and blocked our way from achieving our goals.

We are becoming stronger in the midst of all our trials. Time is key, and let us all advance toward a bright and beautiful future in 2021, and hope we achieve fresh victory. I extend my heartfelt thanks to those who helped Drillimation accomplish their goal of getting Chuhou Joutai onto Steam. Long live our Prophet Driller!


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