The Grimoire of Flandre – The Scarlet Bloodline

Below is the complete translation of the third chapter of The Grimoire of Flandre from Japanese.

There is no deity but me. I am eternal, sustaining all existence. I will send you down upon you in this book, confirming what is before it. As guidance for you, I reveal this book to you. Indeed, those who disbelieve in me will be punished severely, as I am exalted in might and the rightful owner of retribution. Nothing is hidden in the Aetherworld and Netherworld.

In this book, all chapters are the foundation of life. As for those whose hearts are deviation, you must follow what is unspecific. Seeking interpretations will let everybody know my interpretation. But those form in knowledge say the believe in it. No one will be reminded except those who understand. I will never let your heart deviate after you guide me and grant you mercy. Even when there is no doubt, I won’t fail your promises. Disbelievers will never lose their wealth or their children against me. Should they fail, their corpses will be fuel for cremation ceremonies.

If you deny my signs, I will seize you for your sins, and the consequences will be severe. For disbelievers, they will be overcome and gathered in the Nether world for their resting place after death. There are two armies – one fighting for my cause and another for disbelievers. They saw them fight by eyesight. But I will support victory for what I will. Indeed, it is a lesson for those of vision. Beautified for those is the love for what I desire – of mothers and sons, sums of gold and silver is the enjoyment of worldly life but I have them for return.

There are people who try to mislead you by seeking hidden meaning and no one knows its interpretation. We believe in it, and it is from me. Life in the world is full of temptations and desire for your spouse, children, jewelry, homes, and transport. In paradise, which is more desirable and beautiful. Those who fear me will live in gardens with flowing rivers. The righteousness who ask for forgiveness and protection from evil are steadfast, devout, and pray before dawn. Shinto is the true religion and devotion to me alone. The people don’t differ except for jealousy and I am swift to call to those who deny his revelations. To the Scarlet Devil of a shogunate, may the mercy and blessings from me be upon you, and must argue that my followers are devoted to me and all others are invited to do the same. Should they refuse, I will fulfill your mission to convey this message.

There will be painful punishment to those who ignore the revelations, kill any samurai and/or daimyou without justification, and kill those ordering justice, there will be help. They are given one of the earlier revelations to settle their disputes according to my commandments, but fire will not burn you. Deception will come to know torment and fire. When God created the earth, day and night were the important aspect as for the sun. We ask that you not seek protection from unbelievers except for safety. Remember, I know everything concealed and revealed, and I abstain all power over everything. I am compassionate to those devoting to me.

I must tell you to obey me and follow me. If you turn away, you are disbelieving and/or ignoring me. Your family is amongst those living here in the Land of Illusions. My parents were listening to me when I was born, and I grew to be a righteous woman in a beautiful red gown that makes me feel like a queen. My parents sought me protection from evil and provided me with all my needs. I shall make no law impacting peoples’ freedom of speech.

I will address you in the book asking why people conceal their truth and mix it with lies. Some people believe and change their minds day after day. I encourage behavior like this too. Believers should only trust other Shinto believers. I grant bounty and mercy to whoever I will. Some people are trustworthy, while other are not because they don’t think it’s a sin to cheat somebody’s faith. Those with correct faith keep their promises. Those who sell their truth will await agonizing punishment. Others lie to me. No person should say “worship me instead of Flandre.” I never suggest samurai and/or daimyou to turn away from my belief.

I remind you to take an oath and believe in me confirming what is already given to you. You must not break the oath and warn everyone’s return. I am told to say that my followers called “Crimsonites” believe in me and reveal to my descendants that there’s no distinction between them. You preach the same message all need to believe in. Practicing other religions such as Buddhism and Taoism will never be accepted and will lead to the netherfire. I won’t guide you to reject belief after it comes to you. Those who disbelieve and later die will never buy their way out of punishment, even if they can afford it. Not one person will get the best possible reward until you are given charity, and I don’t know what people give.

Under this book, all people should eat to live a longer life. You are warned against lying about me. Remember, my first home is right on the Scarlet Devil Island. It is a blessed sanctuary for the Crimsonites, after I die I shall become its deity. Pilgrimage to it is recommended to those who are healthy and financially capable. This is not mandatory, and there shall be no roadblock to it. Many ask why they deny my revelations from me and stop people from going there. I know everything to do. I ask that you turn those away from disbelief. Think! Whoever clings to me will have the right path shown.

Be mindful of me and devote yourself to me and never die except in a state of full submission to me. Hold onto this book and my traditions to stay together in a united community. Let there be people who invite others to righteousness by enjoining good and forbidding evil. On the last day of earth’s existence those with dark faces will be questioned why they rejected their faith and punished. Ones with bright faces will bask for my mercy. Everything belongs to me and will be returned to you.

Many believers are consistently disobedient. Those with faith are no more than a significant annoyance. If one kills a daimyou and defy me, they will be disgraced for transgressing the rules. Among those people are those who accept my message and pray at night before sleeping and bow down upon me. Those people shall face no denial of reward. Any disbelievers will have no protection from their wealth. Charity won’t help them. I remind disbelievers not for form friendships with you. If you love them, they might not if they don’t convert to Shinto. I know what is in your heart and say plainly what befalls you and misfortune overtakes you. These plans won’t harm you, but I will know what you and your lover are doing.

I will intervene all battles you wage and grant you victory over any opposing forces. Remember, these things you know and if you’re mindful, I will strengthen your forces ready for battle in case of attack. Be sure that it is me who relents or punishes. Victory is only from me and I forgive or punish according to my will.

I warn you against usury. Obey me and all my doctrines. We praise those who live good lives and control their anger by seeking forgiveness for their sins. Their reward is paradise. By travelling across the land, look at the history of those who disbelieved and/or rejected the truth. The Grimoire of Flandre is my guidance to you. Never be downcast if you suffer, as all life is suffering. I await to see the true believers and those who struggle and remain steadfast. May the mercy and blessings be upon you, which pass to the next generation. I ask you after I die to keep my message. Those who work for the sake of now and thereafter will be given a share along with what I decide for the rest of your life.

In the past before this book was written, people have fought for me; some of those were my followers and never gave in to adversaries nor disbelief. They only asked for forgiveness and victory against disbelievers. Their rewards were life and if they disobey, they become losers. I am your protector and I will cast fear into the hearts of disbelievers. In the incoming battles, don’t lose courage or disobey any orders. Some who desire in this world were defeated, others were forgiven.

Those who flee a battle even though I was calling out were rewarded with nothing but grief. This was to be taught a lesson and I forgive you and calm to sleep, which my parents did when I was a baby. I tell you nothing would save those destined to die whether they fought willingly or not, even if they were hiding at home. One the day of a battle those who turn away do so because of evil influence. They will too be forgiven.

I am reminded not to think if our drillers remain at home rather than travelling or fighting for my cause. Remember, I have control over life and death, and there’s no cause to regret because if you die at home or in public, you will turn to me. By my mercy, I am lenient. If I had treated you harshly, you would be deserted. I am told to pardon you and ask for forgiveness and consult with you. Think of any course of actions and rely on me.

If I aid you in overcoming obstacles, I can forsake nothing in aid. Therefore, all believers should put your trust in me. It is inconceivable that I would withhold spoils of war from the faithful. You will be accountable on the last day of your life. If you seek my pleasure, I don’t behave like the person speaking to me. In my eyes, I have two completely different levels. The first is a great favor of being made a deity to you, and the second is you reading this book, being purified and taught to behave even though before this was made clearly astray. In any battle, a test will be made to see who are the true believers and hypocrites. Hypocrites are close to disbelief when they speak to what is not in their hearts. I will know what is concealed.

Those killed in serving me will be happy in the afterlife. They receive my grace and bounty and know their rewards based on all the achievements in their life will not be lost. Those remaining faithful after defeat will be rewarded greatly. Those who ignored the hypocrites’ words suffer no harm but instead receive grace and bounty. Please, do not grief over those who turn to disbelief. Those who barter disbelief will be punished fiercely. Some disbelievers are given more time on earth but it is no reward and an increase in sins. I will eventually separate the two but if you want to know about the unseen, I will choose who gets to be a Scarlet Devil, so believe in me and I will guard you from evil.

The stingy when choosing not to give to charity will find withhold around their neck on the last day. When the earth comes to a close, you will be kept away from the sun’s powerful rays. All believers will suffer this someday far away into the future. When I gave you a copy of this book, you are entrusted to spread my message and never sell it for a paltry price. Doing so will lead to an agonizing torment. I have power over you, and when the earth was first formed, its precision from the sun is a sign to those who understand. If you call out to me, my answer will be good deeds that won’t be lost and those fleeing their homes were either expelled due to disorderly conduct or endured suffering.

Lastly, do not be perturbed by your freedom and the ease of unbelievers, their enjoyment will be brief and all souls’ final destination is death. Among the people, those who believe submissively by accepting Shinto will be rewarded and reminded to be mindful to me, patient and steadfast.


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