Criminology Lab – How the KRDF managed to get Hanayo Katsuragi dead

Kisumi Torisawa wrote this report on May 26, 1988. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

An astonishing bulletin was posted today, as a public enemy of the Kozanese Royal Defense Force was taken out. The SPASDOT leader Hanayo Katsuragi, the wife of founder Frederic Sam Fawkes, was killed, from what officials say was an apparent espionage mission where she was injected a lethal dose of poison. Katsuragi was one of the most influential women using her knowledge of English and American culture to recruit Crimsonites. How did they find her?

Both the Kozanese and US militaries have been zeroing in on Katsuragi’s location for months. Inside Kozankyo, both militaries were searching for Katsuragi and Fawkes’ hideout. What Katsuagi did not know was Kozanese and American surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. All they needed was Katsuragi to step out into daylight. They’ve been waiting and waiting until yesterday morning, when surveillance video showed what appears to be a severely pregnant Katsuragi walking into an abandoned building and apparently gave birth to a son. She raced inside to complete the process. At 9:55 AM Eastern Kozan Daylight time, she immediately died from childbirth.

Katsuragi’s death was a huge victory on the war against SPASDOT, which US president Ronald Reagan addressed in a special speech. In it, he said:

The death of SPASDOT commander Hanayo Katsuragi marks a significant milestone on the quest to defeat SPASDOT.

To defeat Katsuragi, the US sent in a spy to find Katsuragi, who was in prison during the time of her pregnancy. In an espionage mission, Katsuragi was to receive a flu shot from the espionage, but the vaccine was filled with a special virus intended to kill the mother after giving birth to offspring. The capabilities of this new so-called “bio-weapon” was the ability to be a kilometer over the target.

While US officials told me that Fawkes was able to use the internet to spread the word of her death it was their own proprietary network that helped the US track her down.


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