The Prophet Driller has turned 20 years old!

That’s me by the way. #FaceReveal!

For all Drillimation fans, team members of Drillimation Systems and all of my loving friends at Mercyhurst University and the Erie area, thank you.

Today, I proceed with a speech to celebrate the 20th birth anniversary of the Prophet Driller (being me), while embracing with the greatest pride and self-esteem. This speech, with its unprecedented in the history in the founding of the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis, is a direct suggestion to forever glorify my achievement of adopting the Dream Logos Wiki back in 2015, and I knew I could rise to fame thanks to that. On this meaningful occasion, I do pay respect and honor to Dream Logos Wiki founder Kaylor Dale Blakley and his family, who created the site to stop the uploading of fake logos to Logopedia.

The name Drillimation was coined back in 2014, as the Prophet wanted to make GoAnimate videos starring characters from Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Mr. Driller series (that was where Driller and Susumu Takajima got his name from). The original incarnation of it ran for a good year before it got topped by a DMCA complaint from the original artist who created the sprites prominently featured in the videos. But after eighty episodes, I wouldn’t stop Drillimation.

I also do pay respect to the anti-Drillimation users back when the Prophet was a former art-thief and sprite recolorist, who sacrificed their power in an attempt to topple Drillimation. However, my former thievery traits have stopped. The great 20-year history of the Prophet Driller is a history that dignity and prosperity of a Wikia site exist only when an excellent leader is served. My adoption of the site helped put an end to the Dream Logos Wiki’s stormy history with edit warring, and eventually put the site out in the top of the Google search results.

When GoAnimate retired all the most popular themes and transitioned to HTML5, it was decided that Drillimation become a video game developer. Thus, Chuhou Joutai was born. The game was nameless for two years before I came up with the final name. It was during the Dream Fiction Wiki’s early days when Chuhou Joutai was trying to get its name. Other potential titles for the game were Chuhou Project and Shinkoku Project, but they never prevailed.

Chuhou Joutai wasn’t originally a danmaku shooter, nor a video game at all! It originated during the GoAnimate era of Drillimation, it was intended to be a Pokémon doujinshi series featuring Kagami Ochiai as the protagonist, but in order to appear to a wider audience and not just young girls, Susumu Takajima took over that position. Listing the development would be too long, so you can read this blog post on Dream Fiction Wiki.

Despite a troubled start of development, as I lacked a developer kit to create the game, I mainly just drew sprites and composed the music during my free time in my senior year of high school. Nonetheless, the Dream Fiction Wiki continued to grow and grow, eventually surpassing 10,000 pages in February 2019. After I graduated high school, using all that money I got as a graduation present, I purchased a Dell gaming laptop to conquer the mighty task of developing Chuhou Joutai.

This phenomenal event now has taken place in the destiny of both sites, but an inevitable history brought by the Prophet is now an internet pioneer, ever since he joined Wikia back in October 2012. And now, Drillimation can expand into another technology giant thanks to the adoption, and eventually get into Nintendo’s hands as a developer once Chuhou Joutai completes development in December.

Let us move onto final victory.


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