A map of Kozan and its geography, as well as major cities. Brown denotes mountain ranges.

Kozan is a transcontinental country in Eastern Asia and North America, and is the setting of Chuhou Joutai. Its provinces expand from southwestern Alaska to Tokyo, Japan. The country is bordered by the US state of Alaska in Eastern Minecraftia, while Western Kozan borders Tokyo, Japan. It is located in the Northern Pacific Ocean.

Kozan is a constitutional monarchy where the power of the king and queen are limited by the rules of a written constitution. Until its independence, Kozan was an absolute monarchy. A young woman under the name of Queen Marisa established its monarchy in the early 18th century in Kozankyo; she and her descendants rule in the name of the king and queen. Right around the same time, another monarchy under the rule of Queen Yukari was established right around the same time in Horudika Canal then known as Yakumograd (or Yakumo City, if you translate that), and that was how Kozan was split into Eastern and Western divisions.

Its inhabitants were mostly comprised of individuals from Japanese lineage, but was largely colonized by the Swedish in the 17th and 18th centuries and remains a predominately western country. The country gained full independence on May 17, 1809 under Japanese and Swedish control, and the anniversary has been celebrated every year since then.

For more than 150 years, Kozan lived in peace, everything in the country was all just exploring and technological advances. Following the Meiji Restoration in 1867 and the collapse of the Western Kozan monarchy in a revolution, the location for the residence of the Kozanese Royal Family was moved to Horudika Canal, which is located across from Tokyo. This was to bring them closer to the Japanese Imperial Family. Kozan entered the Cold War after the Soviet Union invaded Kozan in 1975, and Fred Fawkes establishing the first incarnation of the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson (SPASDOT).

The war would continue until King Kenjirou was assassinated by a Soviet spy on April 21, 1982. This led to the Kozanese Revolution, where his cousin King Soujirou rose to power and thwart the Soviets’ plot to transform Kozan from a constitutional monarchy into a communist republic as a satellite state of the Soviet Union. After a long battle, Kozan emerged victorious after the Soviets surrendered after the death of then-Soviet president Yuri Andropov in 1984.

The fighting against the SPASDOT continued for a few more years until Fred Fawkes’ wife, Hanayo Katsuragi, was arrested in late 1987, and SPASDOT dissolved after Katsuragi died of childbirth complications shortly after giving birth to her son, who would later be known as Hearthcliffe. The fighting stopped for a decade until 1997 when Fawkes decided to revive the group. And so, SPASDOT came back to life.

Just like the 1982 revolution, the civil war in Kozan is being fought by the Kozanese Royal Defense Force. SPASDOT gained global prominence in early 2003 following the Western Kozan Offensive, which was the period where SPASDOT invaded Western Kozan in 2002. Now, you are in the hands of defeating SPASDOT for the second time.

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