The Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson, and its History

The “Scarlet Standard” used by SPASDOT, which are red flags flown by women in Shintoist tradition. Top text translates to their battle cry “Flandre wa saikou!” (Flandre is the greatest), bottom text translates to the group’s name.

The Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson, often shortened to Team Crimson or by its acronym SPASDOT, is a communist militant group that follows a customized doctrine of Shinto. It is also the enemy group in Chuhou Joutai that you must defeat. The original incarnation of the group was founded by Frederic Sam Fawkes and his wife Hanayo Katsuragi in 1975, when he ordered the Soviet and Cuban armies to invade Kozan. The invasion was a success, but led to Kozan entering the Cold War in an effort to wipe them out.

The group has been formally designated as a foreign terrorist organization by several countries, including many members of the UN, and countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, and many others. SPASDOT is hugely known for their heavy and extensive use of propaganda, mainly their gruesome videos of them attacking soldiers and civilians, deliberately caught on tape. Bombings, executions, kidnappings, and worse, you name it. Their productions display glossy camera work and high-level production techniques.

The original incarnation of SPASDOT was founded in 1975 to assist the Soviet Union with the invasion of Kozan. After the success of the invasion, they proclaimed themselves as a shogunate, the term which once referred to the military dictator of Japan now being used to refer to Japanese or other Shinto militant groups. Since then, the group began referring to themselves as the Shintoist Province or Scarlet Devil. As a shogunate, they proclaim religious, military, and political authority over all Japanese people worldwide, including their descendants.

SPASDOT would continue their regime for several years, even after the Soviets were defeated by the Kozanese Royal Defense Force in 1984 at the end of the Kozanese Revolution. In 1987, Hanayo Katsuragi was finally arrested in Kozankyo for her participation. Before her arrest, Fred Fawkes asked her to “have the kami’s child”, in hopes that she could produce an heir to SPASDOT.

Katsuragi later died after giving birth to her one and only child, Jack “Hearthcliffe” Fawkes on May 25, 1988. SPASDOT dissolved after Katsuragi’s death, effectively causing Kozan to grow victorious. A decade later, in 1997, Fawkes decided to start the group back up. The group was again proclaimed shogunate in 1999. They did not gain global prominence again until 2003, shortly after the Western Kozan Offensive, where SPASDOT invaded Kozan and perpetrated the attacks in Rockton on December 21, 2002, which was the battle that started the entire Kozanese Civil War.

Now, you are on the hands of stopping SPASDOT again. For every victory claimed by SPASDOT on the battlefield, their appeal will only grow, and many are concerned it’s a matter of time before their danmaku spreads far beyond the Pacific Ocean.

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