Accessibility Features for Touhou Kourinden

Drillimation’s aim is to target beginners with their games. And so does Whitethorn Digital. We believe players should get the maximum experience while playing the game regardless of experience and preferences. And so, Drillimation has compiled a list of accessibility features for Touhou Kourinden. This is considered an updated list of accessibility features that will be present in the game.

General Settings and Saving

  • Settings are accessible at all times except during battles.
  • Players can save the game through the menu when not in battle.

Gameplay and Difficulty

  • No random encounters, all enemies appear in the overworld.
  • Battles can be retried or continued if lost.
  • Reaction time for events is not critical to progress in-game.

Input and Button Presses

  • PC version will have keyboard and full gamepad controller support.


  • No haptics


  • Beginner’s tutorial will be shown at the beginning of the game when no saved files are present.
  • All tutorials for gameplay and systems are provided on-demand with the tap of a button and include supporting pictures.

Audio Accessibility

  • Music and sound effects volume are separately adjustable.

Visual Accessibility

  • Visual cues in the map screen help navigate the world so players know where to go next.

Text and Reading

  • All text is in a readable, sans-serif typeface.
  • Text is presented on a high-opacity background.

Subtitles and Dialogue

  • Subtitles and visual cues indicate speaker.

On-screen Movement and Visual Effects

  • No screen shake or flashing for all attacks.


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