The Prophet Driller Visits Whitethorn Digital ~ How it Went

Ever since Whitethorn Digital opened for business, I’ve always had a dream of visiting the studio. On Friday, October 14, 2022, I made my very first visit to Whitethorn Digital, where I spoke with its CEO about Touhou Kourinden ~ Mythos of Phantasmagoria. From there, I talked about the challenges that we have to tackle in order to get this game published by the company. The game can’t be published yet as it isn’t complete. Also, it’s challenging to have a game published by them as so many developers try their hand at pitching projects to them but not all of them make the final cut. You may wish to read my article on why game pitches get rejected.

During the course of my half-hour visit, I was given a tour of the entire studio. While this was technically my first visit to Whitethorn, it won’t be my last. As the development of Kourinden progresses, I will make future visits to discuss Kourinden, and to make corrections to ensure it meets their philosophy. Throughout my years of traveling the world, I have seen the corporate headquarters of other game companies including Nintendo in Kyoto, Japan, and Velan Studios in Troy, New York (not too far from Albany) in the past.

This was my first experience walking into a game studio, and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. One of the things I discussed during my visit is doing freelance work for the company. My aim is to do character designs and music compositions for their future titles. I find it more fun to contribute to other people’s projects than to my own. The times in which I did work for other people’s projects were for Catch Hina! in 2020, and several projects by Studio Emiko that were ultimately canceled.

I hope to get the second act of Touhou Kourinden done by the end of this year, and the entire game by the end of next year.


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