The Ninth Page, The Ninth Hour

The suspected page.

Susumu Takajima is travelling with Kagami Ochiai, alongside two other friends, being the kyudoka Ryuta Shigematsu and shrine maiden Kumiko Uchida. They wander into the Damamizu Park just near Kozan Highway 202. They are searching for a werewolf hidden within the park. They happen to find a structure where the wolf is suspected to be. They sneak up behind them for which they fight.

Going through the forest, they find this page nailed to a tree. It displays SPASDOT’s battle cry and deity. On the back of the page is a secret note from Hearthcliffe.

You may be asking this: what is with this ninth page in the ninth hour? Well, this would be a ninth page after you collected eight other pages from a familiar land. And you happened to collect it at 9PM. That is something else that you will also have to discover within the next major Drillimation project.


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