Ten Facts You Might Not Know About Chuhou Joutai’s Kagami Ochiai

Just Kagami standing in the rain on a rainy day.

If you’ve even heard of or even played Chuhou Joutai or its sequel, Kagami Ochiai would be one of those characters. You might not even know this, but she is more popular than her ally Susumu Takajima. Here are ten facts you might not know about her.

Kimono lover

The reason why Kagami Ochiai has a general fondness of dressing in kimono is because her grandparents run a kimono-manufacturing company. But that’s not also the case. Her mother, Kisumi Torisawa is a trained geisha, which is what got her interested in the Japanese garment itself. She tends to wear a lot of orange, as that’s her favorite color.

Why her stage name is ‘Princess Kagami’

The real reason why Kagami decided to become an idol with that stage name is because her grandfather served as Kozan’s Prime Minister from 1970 until 1978. Because of this, the Ochiai Clan has become one of Kozan’s most powerful political dynasties, being very loyal to the Kozanese Royal Family. This is the reason why Kagami considers herself a princess, even though she isn’t of royal blood.

Idol singer

Kagami was motivated on becoming an idol because of her mother being a geisha – she also wants to train to become a geisha as well. She started her idol career at the age of 11 and achieved some success, eventually making her what she is.

Her multi-colored hair

Initially, Kagami only had purely pink hair. But after her diagnosis with tonsillitis, a surgeon offered her magical girl powers in exchange for the removal of her tonsils. And so, hair stylists gave her the great transformation – her sidelocks were dyed green and her top hair becoming scarlet red. Not to mention, she got blue hair tubes for her sidelocks. She’s had that ever since she was twelve years old.

A youkai-born

Kagami descended from the Saigyouji bloodline, and therefore makes her a youkai-born. Even though she is of Shinto faith, the reason why she wants to become a geisha is because her paternal ancestor, Lady Yuyuko, was a famous geisha in Western Kozan. It’s no doubt she would become friends with a humanoid computer programmer (Susumu Takajima) and shrine maiden (Kumiko Uchida).

Online personality

Just a few days after her 13th birthday (and the start of the Kozanese Civil War), Kagami enlisted to become an online personality by registering on LifeConnect and VidSpace. Because she had already attained success by becoming an idol, she gained more successes through this presence.

Political activist

Kagami also serves in the political movements that help shape Kozan and the world. In the videos where she protests, she doesn’t wear her regular idol outfit, but rather, a short-sleeved blouse with an orange vest and skirt (similar to her main motif). That is also her business casual attire.

Her name

Before Kagami was even born during the time her mother was pregnant with her, her parents were going to name her Kyouko, but it never materialized. Her father suggested they name her Kagami, as that was the name of her father’s ex-girlfriend.

Her younger sister

Kagami has a younger sister named Yumi, who came just two and a half years after her. Just like Kagami, she wants to follow in her footsteps.

Shintoist faith

Usually, youkai-borns in Kozan are typically of Buddhist faith. It’s not uncommon for youkai-borns to go the other way and follow Shinto, even though youkai-borns aren’t usually permitted to. As Kagami is the usual target for persecution by SPASDOT, she’s advocating for youkai-borns to join the fray.


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