Ten Facts You Might Not Know About Chuhou Joutai’s Kagami Ochiai

If you’ve even heard of or even played Chuhou Joutai or its sequel, Kagami Ochiai would be one of those characters. You might not even know this, but she is more popular than her ally Susumu Takajima. Here are ten facts you might not know about her. Kimono lover The reason why Kagami Ochiai hasContinue reading “Ten Facts You Might Not Know About Chuhou Joutai’s Kagami Ochiai”

Drillimation Composes for “Catch Hina!”

Over the past two days, Drillimation Systems was selected to be the composer for a Touhou Project fangame for a biannual jam on itch.io. This project was titled Catch Hina! by Phoskryfes, a simple puzzle game as suggested by the title, the player must capture Hina Kagiyama in the shortest time possible in a similarContinue reading “Drillimation Composes for “Catch Hina!””