Why You Should Subscribe to Our Patreon

If you want to support Drillimation Systems and earn some awesome rewards, we highly recommend you subscribe to our Patreon. Over the weekend, a player from Japan subscribed to our Patreon and earned himself a free copy of Chuhou Joutai. Subscribing helps us cover our hosting and subscription costs, as well as hire talented programmers, artists, composers, and designers, as well as implement new features to make Drillimation better.

Benefits when you subscribe include:

  • Special role on our Discord server
  • Mention in our next game’s credits
  • Free Steam keys for all of our games, as well as any future games released on Steam ($5 tier and up)
  • Free soundtracks to all of our games ($7 tier and up)
  • Exclusive access to behind the scenes content, as well as early access to all of our images
  • Ability to create an NPC for a future title from Drillimation ($15 tier and up)
  • Ability to create a boss for a future title from Drillimation ($20 tier only)

However, we need more subscribers. Make sure you link to our page and spread our word. We do all we can to make your subscription fun and worth having.


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