Drillimation Systems is now on Patreon!

Want to see the Chuhou Joutai duo in full? Subscribe to our Patreon!

Greetings players. Drillimation Systems is stepping into a new era. If you’re looking at the title, we have some big changes.

Business Model Change

The biggest news, as the name implies, is we are moving to a subscription-based business model and changing the way we output content. This means we are now on Patreon and all users wishing to see exclusive content must subscribe by becoming a Patron; this change is necessary because we are putting out too much free content and are therefore not meeting our revenue goals.

Tiers and pricing

If you become a Patron, your name will appear in the credits of future Drillimation games. This plan costs $5/month and $60/year. The $10 tier ($120/year) will get you the digital copy of all future Steam releases. The $15 tier ($180/year) will get you access to a digital download of the soundtracks for those respective Steam games.

Our artbook tier at $20/month and $240/year gets you access to exclusive behind-the-scenes concept art of all Drillimation games. If you want to contribute content for our games, the $25 tier ($300/year) will let you design NPCs in our games while the $30 tier ($360/year) lets you design a boss in a future title.

Product Development Changes

This refocusing will help us put all our resources into future titles. This means we will get better every day. I know this is a big change, but better content and faster support will help us strike big in 2021. Let us know if you have any questions on this by commenting. Until then, see you in the next post!

Click here to access our Patreon page.


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