Drillimation Systems to Work from Home Until January

What a year it has been. With multiple vaccine candidates that have over 90% accuracy, Drillimation Systems has persevered through the 2020 pandemic. Drillimation rejected fear during this moment of uncertainty. The trust we gained from our clients and players has been invaluable in our quest to remain a hospitable game development studio despite being hit with unprecedented challenges.

As we welcome Thanksgiving in the midst of the second wave, Drillimation Systems will not be at the Hurst starting tomorrow until mid-January to prevent travel-related exposure to COVID-19 during the 2020 holiday season. As the focus on the final days of 2020 and all of the additional responsibilities that come among us, the Prophet Driller will place high priority for self-care. This includes taking walks, continuing healthy habits, reaching out to clients in need, expressing appreciation to the players that helped us get Chuhou Joutai on Steam, and giving thanks to all of our followers on social media. We’ve had a few small things that have made great impact on us.

We give thanks to each of you for the unique contributions you made to Drillimation this year. Our biggest wish is a peaceful thanksgiving where we find a rich table, friendly faces, and conversation.

To the players and clients who live at the Hurst, our hope is they travel home safely and return to us replenished, energized, and ready to face the next chapter of Drillimation.

Until then, stay safe and never be sad.

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