Drillimation Systems is now on Patreon!

Greetings players. Drillimation Systems is stepping into a new era. If you’re looking at the title, we have some big changes. Business Model Change The biggest news, as the name implies, is we are moving to a subscription-based business model and changing the way we output content. This means we are now on Patreon andContinue reading “Drillimation Systems is now on Patreon!”

Monthly Updates: November 2020

Hi, this is Driller from the administration team. As Daylight Saving Time for another year in the Northern Hemisphere has drawn to a close, we have some new things to share, both good and bad. Firstly, the background in the card above shows the White House as we prepare for another presidential election. However, mayContinue reading “Monthly Updates: November 2020”