Criminology Lab – Brutal SPASDOT propaganda video borrows techniques from Hollywood

Kisumi Torisawa narrated this KBN Evening News report on May 23, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

NOTE: This article is intended for those who have finished Chuhou Joutai at least once. If you haven’t finished the main game yet we recommend you play it first and then come back here.

Anchor: In another important story tonight, SPASDOT today released a new, brutal terrorist video that appears to take cues from Hollywood. Kisumi Torisawa has the story. Fair warning – some of the footage in this report may be difficult to watch.

Kisumi: What they did to rural Central Kozan is now real life terrorism. This is not a Hollywood movie, but was designed to look like one. Horrific killing sprees in Central Kozan, deliberately caught on tape. Bombings, executions, kidnappings, and worse. A far cry away from the usual terrorist videos we’re used to seeing, this production displays glossy camera work and high-level production techniques.

As though SPASDOT were taking cues from Hollywood flicks such as The Terminator and Saving Private Ryan, to maximize their terror. This hour long graphic and disturbing new video is by the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson. A group so extreme, even Gyonyoru Foldunk has disowned them. Experts are saying the video shows SPASDOT is becoming an even deadlier threat, waging an extremely effective propaganda war.

“It’s not just those idiots. Those idiots have somebody controlling and providing them with equipment that’s very expensive and you can’t get in a cave.”

Hasumi Hirada, professor at Kozankyo University

One frightening sequence shows Crimsonites disguising themselves as members of the Kozanese Royal Defense Force setting up fake checkpoints. One man, who was accused of working with Kozan’s security forces, was hailed off and executed in graphic detail. In another scene, a man is hunted down. After being hit, he pleads for his life. “I’m just a driver,” he says, “just a driver.” What appears to be the man in a royal uniform is shown, but then, sheer brutality occurs as a hailstorm of danmaku is thrown right into his back. And that’s not the worst of it. Another man was accused of working with the United States. He and is two sons are being forced to prepare for their post-death cremations.

“What happened to these people who lose their humanity? Their propaganda is the only tool that can defeat them.”

Hasumi Hirada, professor at Kozankyo University

Experts say to judge by this video, their reign of terror shows no signs of evading, which is exactly what SPASDOT wants, even at the risk of their tactic backfiring. Kisumi Torisawa, KBN News, Kozankyo.


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