February 13, 2023: Drillimation’s Twitter-IFTTT Y2K Event!?

On February 13, 2023, Twitter changed their API, disabling free access and requiring its users to pay to use the API. The decision for the change was to increase quality, reduce spam, and enable a thriving ecosystem. However, it also comes with a few problems. Drillimation makes extensive use of IFTTT to post tweets whenever a new video on Drillimation’s YouTube channel is published to announcing that the Prophet had gone live on Twitch. Most of the time, IFTTT is meant to make automated actions on Discord such as the events mentioned above. Most of the time, it is used to post all of Drillimation’s posts on Twitter and Instagram.

As a result of the change, the IFTTT devs will have to work on updating the system to make the applets work again, and many of them may not work as a result, leading to us having to go back to doing things manually before Drillimation began using IFTTT. This was a big wake-up call for us, as things will go haywire on that day until IFTTT updates the system to get them working again.

This could mean a cyber apocalypse for IFTTT and any other user who uses the Twitter API. There may have been a number of events that may have contributed to this change, maybe the time when users of Bilibili Comics were posting links to the site in unrelated hashtags? Or how about the time Twitter crashed when Steve from Minecraft was unveiled in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or prior to last week’s Nintendo Direct?

This doesn’t mean the world as a whole will end, such as banks failing, food supplies depleting, electricity getting cut off, stock markets crashing, vehicles or phones ceasing to function, or a worldwide depression. We are hoping for little to no trouble on that day, just like when 2000 rolled in.


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